With two PrintoLUX 6000 signs settled basic systems on the day of manufacture. After eight days, the work was done. Due to the shorter working hours, the company saved 13 000 euros on a single project. The investment in the PrintoLUX systems was therefore already amortised. The new option for pipe labels refers to demonstrable superiority of the labelling process not only the production of signs, but also various forms of procurement. So the catalog order was so far almost no alternative in the procurement of pipe performance markings.

This has PrintoLUX fundamentally changed: the easy-to-implement procedures makes it possible to produce required labels itself. Plant and machine construction, raw material industry and in other industries, where many piping on the Premises are available, also a consistent, legible and inexpensive tube performance labelling is required. If flammable gases or liquids, acids or alkalis, – all flow substances with hazardous properties must be marked with the appropriate symbols and designations. And that’s not all. Anyone who with this topic is busy and the bigeye order catalogs from vendors such as Kroschke, Hein, Seton, labelident, mercateo or hermes Printec has in mind knows the diversity of labels are used (sizes, colors, icons, etc.).

With PrintoLUX, that goes well with a few clicks of the mouse on the screen, just at the time of the requirements exactly in the required design and exactly in the required quantities. No rolling of catalogs, no minimum sales, no delivery and no administrative overhead, but select and print (for more information see the probably the smallest Gallery of the world for the complete range of pipeline and hazardous material indicators:)). success factors: high resistance to pressure and simple implementation of the procedure for the reasons that have led to that industrial companies such as Audi, BASF, Daimler, and Freudenberg in the labeling of cable signs, pipes, equipment, cabinets, front panels and enclosures using the PrintoLUX process, include at the top the high resistance to pressure, which blends with this procedure, and the simple implementation of the procedure in all production processes.

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