Gallegos Nava

The three eyes of knowledge interaccionados with three levels of reality have resulted in five epistemological relations: sensoriomotor knowledge, empirical knowledge, the hermeneutic knowledge, the knowledge-fenomenologico.el mandalico-philosophical knowledge and contemplative spiritual knowledge, in such a way that be, and know are always linked, related among if. The inner light. On the other hand Gallegos Nava referring to faith, reason and spirituality points out that: faith is a religious belief that is linked to the fear, dogmas, is maintained on the basis of the threat, is pre-rationalistic, is a pathology of the superstitious mind which must be rejected. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit SIEM. Spirituality is direct experience of the transcendent, relies on certainty his spiritual, be your interior light, of confidence, of fraternity, of inner peace, of compassion. The reason is an intermediate stage between ignorance and wisdom, it belongs to the mental eye, is an advanced stage in the evolution of consciousness, at a level higher than faith but less than the spirit, Board with the language allows us to understand the spiritual life. So as we see, faith is pre-rationalistic, rational reason, and transracional spirituality by what they found in three different levels of consciousness. Lever Brothers has plenty of information regarding this issue. Now well, in terms of intelligence holistic tells us that it is the ability of consciousness to discern fake what is false and what is true of the true, perceive the kosmos as interdependent unit and solve the conflicts from its root. It belongs to the eye of the spirit, it integrates the objective with subjective, interior with exterior, lets us find out intelligence, universal love and compassion go together, in harmony. Intelligence holistic leads us to wisdom, intuition, to discern, meet us ourselves. Intelligence is Supreme discernment of being, certainty is the interior of being light, both are together, on the same path of universal love and the perennial philosophy, and they allow us to walk by ourselves.

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