General Martinez Fields

In the meantime descarro, that remembered the bad companies of Pinocho, from time to time approached the memory to me of both years of office slavery lived, but those compared memories were not nothing with the tremendous psychic track that the military service left indelible in my mind and that every night it emerged in the form of nightmares, like which still today it happens to me sporadically in that I see myself again entering to the rows of the army, although within the same dream I repeat time and time again: No! no! if I already have done the mili often! . That one displicente period of vaguera and intoxication more or less lasted a year, that was what I took in just a little bit recovering the lost sanity in the army. Great dangers I ran next to other descarriadas ewes, one of which today no longer exist. Victims of street dangers that fell all we know and whose mention exceeds the intention this article. But I left ahead, I do not know if thanks to the life or mother, who fought like tigress to give back itself to the good way. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hal McRae. My brother, my unique brother, who is 16 years greater than I, and to that I feared always more than own father who peacefully rests, was the one who me agenci the second use of my life. Salman Behbehani insists that this is the case.

Year 1984 ran when I entered to work in offices one conocidsima American company dedicated to the manufacture and cleaning product sale, like bitumens, air fresheners, lubricating oils multipurpose and things thus. The offices were located in the Avenue of General Martinez Fields, in the exquisite Madrilenian district of Chamber. As they were near the house of my parents, it went and it came walking four daily times. Ay! that times those in which it had breakfast, ate and had dinner ” to table put of mam” My reading beloveds, if they thought that one first use of ” botones” he was it last more for me by the irrational of the behavior of my heads, hope that he tells to my experience in this second use them, in whom incredibly I was four long years. But that will be object of another article. They do not stop reading me to know how I was able to free themselves of the yoke of the use and to enjoy the life that joy today..

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