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The USE OF the INTERNET IN the COURSES OF GRADUATION and PS-GRADUAO Ana Claude of the Angels Oak Permitted in Mathematics for the UFRPE, After-graduanda of the course of Pedagogical Coordination of the Frassinetti College of Recife. Email: anaclaudia_acarvalho@ Cristiane Lopes orienting Teacher of disciplines Introduction the present article has as main focus to approach a subject sufficiently current, that is the use of the Internet as tool of education in the graduation courses and after-graduation. For being a very rich tool in resources, many educators finish passing unobserved for the benefits that it offers or can offer in the teach-learning process. The Internet is a technological resource that is present in the life of the people and came to be. Today it is possible to connect itself in house, the schools, the Shopping, Lan House, the work, at last, in some places, what it sufficiently facilitates the interaction of the people with the world.

It has well little time behind, the Internet alone was had access using telephonic line its cost was high, what it made it difficult the access for many people. Today with the expansion of the Internet broad band, and with the amount of companies who had arrived in the market to offer the service, the same it gained quality and the price reduced, providing a considerable increase of the number of users. Through the Internet we can use resources as email, chats, video conference, groups, fruns, research, beyond the sites of relationship that can come sufficiently to contribute for the interaction between professors and pupils. At last, as the professors use or can come to use the Internet in its practical professor? It will be that when using this technological tool it will be enriching its lessons or the Internet can finish being an villainous in the process teach-learning?

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