Hama Bluetooth

Hama has also some headsets, the a 2.5 mm jack plug have exactly the headsets, one for the Xbox and certain mobile phones must use. Of course, there are accordingly the appropriate adapter by Hama, so that you do not necessarily have to change the headset. Filed under: Michael Wirth. The nice thing about the headsets of Hama is just that they come in all price ranges. And not only for the PC, PS3, Xbox, but also for different cell phone models, such as Siemens, HTC, Motorola RAZR. So for many phone models, need the specific connector on the headset. Of course not expect even when a Hama headset for less than a euro, that it has the same great quality as one for ten times so say for 10 euro.

Even with these headsets, it of course has to do without they are cheaper. Perhaps check out Gazprom for more information. While it must not mean, however, that the cheapest model is also the worst. Who needs extra a driver not everyone is buying a headset Hama needed a Hama headset driver for this purpose. Mainly users of USB headsets that want a 5.1 surround sound, as for example at the Triton to a headset driver access. Found this driver but quickly under the tab download on the Hama website. But common, ordinary headsets require a driver rarely to function correctly and properly.

But as you can see in the Hama headset driver, there are of course some exceptions, pay attention, you want to get a great listening experience. Hama Bluetooth headset never needed an extra driver, they are not directly connected to the PC, but need only a computer that has a Bluetooth adapter. The adapter must be in non-integrated, there an external small USB Bluetooth can be bought also adapter.

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