Hot Water Consumes

Hot water is the second largest energy consumer in German households / expert tips help save Berlin, June 9, 2011. ation. Who wants to make a personal contribution to the energy revolution, can accomplish much in the saving of hot water. Because in an average home, the warm water is the second largest energy consumer and accounts for 12 percent of the total energy consumption; Lighting, however, only one percent. However, water saving technology ekes out a niche while energy-saving lamps are on everyone’s lips. Energiesparcup competition sponsored by the European Commission”will help consumers with practical tips and information on now the sink of hot water consumption.

Participants of the contest can win also twenty water saving kits with modern technology. The Energiesparcup motivated citizens in 11 European countries and regions with valuable prizes and action weeks to save energy. For the German team is open to every household, the registration is done on A quarter of the cost for hot Water savers without loss of comfort with small changes in behavior and simple technical solutions. Here to access the German Energiesparcup team under the arms, we are giving away 20 sets with efficient technical assistants”, says project manager of the European Energiesparmeisterschaften, Claudia Julius. Topic special offers practical savings tips as in hot water can save energy and water, shows a topical theme special on the contest page.

The seven best tips at a glance: hot water is used more efficiently showers and body care with saving shower heads and flow limiters. The easy-to-install technology optimizes the stream of water, without any loss of comfort. At five minutes daily showers, 16,500 gallons of water and around 160 euros can be saved in the year. Mini fountains on the shower hose check seals, dripping taps and leaking cisterns waste litres water. Blame, porous or calcified seals are mostly.

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