Idiot Test Children Earmarked For The MPU Test

Authorities set up the licence as leverage against children / adolescent youths In common parlance the term “Idiot Test” has become called the procedure “medico psychological study”, short MPU officially correct. More than 100,000 people have to undergo every year this test every second receives a positive opinion. A MPU is due, if the account in the Flensburg central registry with 18 points is full, was driving under influence of alcohol / drugs, crimes were known or who health restrictions. The medical psychological assessment can be – arranged at any time by the authorities if “justified doubts as to the ability to drive”. Children or young adolescents, who have fallen under the influence of alcohol, which people have harassed, which have become violent, or which are noticed because of bullying are a new target group for the provision of a suitable advice. Here, a teenager is first cautioned.

At one another incident approval is dependent on driving licences by the provision of a positive opinion. Not infrequently a MPU must muster subject many thousand euros to obtain a positive opinion. Many German authorities give to understand the measures against children or young people not as a punishment can be understood but that is clearly the prevention in the foreground. Then however, as a teenager from a vulnerable family can pay ongoing very expensive drugs or alcohol abstinence phase a long or as he the often requested MPU communication talks of thousand EUR to muster several hundred euro can as even more depending on the question for the review body that stands in the stars. Read additional details here: BP Energy. Responsible & author: Mr. Heidemann

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