If Mites Wake Sleeping Dogs

Medi-tech brings orthopedic mattress with allergen dense cover on the market of Munster, September 21, 2010. The treatment of allergies is becoming increasingly important in German veterinary practice. Only every fifth dog suffers an atopic dermatitis caused in many cases by house dust mites. Most important emergency: the renovation of the dog sleeping place. Effectively achieved with the Pulmacell dog bed.

But the new special mattress of Medi-tech can do even more: you relieves the joints are. A soft pillow for the dog of health sake! For over 20 years, Medi-tech develops high-quality products for healthy sleep for the medicine. With the Pulmacell dog bed from the Munster, the company applies his knowledge for the first time on the health of the dog. Thanks to the transfer of know-how, now comes a unique new product on the market that is equally indicated in allergies and orthopedic diseases of the dog. We have to stay out there! When an allergy that responds Immune system we know that inappropriately rely heavily on contact with an allergen such as for example the house dust mite. Details can be found by clicking BP Energy or emailing the administrator. The tiny Spinnentierchen especially like to cavort on the roosting of the dog. So far no other choice, as all blankets and pads to remove remained to banish it there consistently.

But: What mistress or master wants his dog has a bald plastic shell or on the bare tile floor let sleep? The solution: The Pulmacell dog bed. It is cuddly soft and at the same time prevents its allergen dense relation, that settle the unpleasant dust mites there. At the same time it provides through its air permeability for a healthy sleep environment especially important in a dermatitis. High-tech from the space research for a healthy deck position except the Pulmacell dog bed joint problems (HD) and Sun calluses can be used for house dust allergy and atopic dermatitis. The Visco-Elastic foam adapts the body contours so that the pressure is optimally distributed. This weight distribution benefit in particular elderly dogs that tend to osteoarthritic changes. The Pulmacell dog bed is available in three sizes and will cost between 75 and 145 euros. The durable and breathable cover can be easily remove and easily cleaned in the washing machine. The material from a special micro filament is impervious to allergens, but air and moisture transported quite excellent. Mattress core and cover meet the oko Tex standard 100. The cover was also tested by the TuV and certified (suitable for allergy sufferers). Selected veterinarians and animal hospitals to test the dog bed since June 2010. Initial feedback has been consistently positive. Distribution is done except through cooperating veterinary practice directly via the Internet (www.pulmacell.de) to the end user.

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