Intel Core Processor

In this paper, we consider all possible options for processors. The first in uslyshennom 'new processor' in my head have thoughts of costs, buying better quality, etc. The number that came to mind is $ 1000. Thousand dollars for the processor, it is looking for a computer. Game. Parents of children heard from their children of such a number would say a bit too much money for toys. Well, what do I do? Worthy alternative doroguschy cpu Intel, namely Intel and nothing else, is a quad-core Intel Core i7 Socket 1156 860 8Mb oem.

I myself have been using this processor and I can say that udoletvoren work. Uninterrupted operation of the gameplay, HD-video processing. And the price justified – within 10,000 rubles, 3 times cheaper 'frightening amount. " cpu clock speed of 2.93 GHz, almost three, and the 3 GHz are 30,000 rubles, so if there is no difference, why pay more? I believe that the Intel Core i7 860 the right choice gamer. To work to work It depends for what. Working with multimedia content or programming, web-design and copywriting? To work with the media powerful enough in this area of the processor Intel Core i5 655K (3,2 GHz, Socket 1156, 4Mb, SVGA) box.

Very multimedia, the same four cores, but not for games. Multiple streams, excellent multitasking performance. For graphics, sound, video, this processor is more than enough. The price is acceptable – 8000 rubles, was instance and for 6000 rubles, I saw myself, but this updated. Now we understand with IT-development and freelancing. Programming requires a better performance, greater speed of processing processes. Multi-tasking should be more advanced, so, Intel Core i7 Socket 1156 860 8Mb oem. It's like a game, and great for programming and other developments. That is, modestly, but in detail, everything that I wanted to review, I analyzed. Now your turn – do not make mistakes. See you!

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