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while traditional school was established in an exhausting learning, carried through with the application of memorization techniques where the pupil, guided for the professor, directs names and dates from a series of artifices, beyond acquiring the contents exhaustingly (Schmidt, 2009. p.25) These forms of construction admit the construction of the education to make of the student have left of this conjuncture of a constructed society, not of isolated form, but with all its operating causers and of the facts and the process of education. In classroom we must use a bigger form of participation of the educandos. We must understand the lesson as the set of the ways of education in function of the proper activity it pupil process of pertaining to school learning, that is, the conscientious and active assimilation them contents. In other words, the education process, through lessons, didactically makes possible the meeting between the pupils and the substance of education, prepared in the plans of education and the plans of lesson.

(Libneo, 1994. p.177) In the proposal of interdisciplinaridade we must contemplate not necessarily all curricular components, but we must open possibilities of interventions of all professionals of each area. The lesson properly said not this only centered in the physical space ' ' room of aula' ' the lesson has a dynamic character and the activities extraclassrooms are basic for the construction of the sense of citizenship and learning. Today we have you vary tools that assist the educator in its process of mediation of the knowledge, therefore, the learning process not if of the one of isolated form, the educator fulfills the paper of supplier of the necessary tools for the learning process. An example of these new tools is the Internet. The Internet can very be useful for immediate history. The professor and the pupils can have access through the net, texts and images in minimum time in relation to the events in question.

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