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InterRed 14 with numerous new features InterRed is the new version 14 of the content management system on the world publishing Expo 2013 in Berlin before InterRed print. In addition to the newly developed sheet design, innovative features such as LiveLayout and LiveCopy more efficiently support the user in the creation of print publications such as magazines, newspapers, catalogs and annual reports. New leaf design, sheet production and page preview in the editorial system InterRed in addition 2013 presented already at CeBIT innovations in the field of Web content management in the print area as well advanced features presented, which are useful both for designers and editors. The extensively redesigned journal planning in version 14 of InterRed print offers the Scheduler considerably more comfort and speed. A major highlight is the simple planning and visualization of inheritance. All pages and pages of part of a newspaper or magazine can be inherited now simply drag ‘n’ drop with the mouse of variants, e.g. for regionalization.

Inheritances are colour-coded marked. This reduces the production cost of variants. Also the new asynchronous planning allows the Planner even after start of production to make changes to scope and ad assignment and transfer these changes at defined points in time in the production. The producer will be informed first about the changes and can accept then selectively and actively. While a page is already worked on, can remain open. The producer can continue working without interruption. Just can run scale – and format changes via keyboard shortcuts or mouse click.

Ad reservation and rebooking can easily drag perform n drop. Available items are clearly offered the Planner in pallets. A feature which allows the tabular, structured access control for page routes and all expenses as “Control” existed with the leaf production now. The new page preview in turn provides a complete history of versions and work steps including all intermediate levels, as well as an integrated communication tool for the production control. New journal scheduling and journal production are as well as the entire content management system InterRed is fully browser based. LiveLayout and LiveCopy for browser-based editing of print objects with InterRed LiveLayout is the browser-based editing of print objects (there are newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.) possible on the basis of article building blocks up to page templates with automated mass Kit. This means that in addition to the editing of DTP elements through the bi-directional interface in Adobe InDesign now General adjustments of DTP elements and layout work directly in the editorial system InterRed are possible. InterRed LiveCopy in turn improves the text creation and editing for Printobjekte. Texts in media-neutral masks, or via Web interface WYSIWYG browser-based capture can happen now including formatting and live preview directly in the publication to create. Supported by the integration of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS 6) InterRed Print not only their DPS capabilities for producing dynamic, digital content for Tablet devices, but allows users through intelligent interfaces and plug-ins also continue to work with the tools you already know. Through the extension of InterRed print to the Web CMS component InterRed online and the app production system InterRed APS is integrated multi channel publishing in all channels (print, online, Tablet, mobile) possible.

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