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The main processes detached for the engineering of software for the development of computational programs sos: definition of the project, analysis of requirements, drawing, implementation, tests and implantation. According to Son (2000), ‘ ‘ project has a date of beginning and end, a team … and others recursos’ ‘ (SON, 2000, 13). Some characteristics of a project are of being generally, temporary (dates of preset beginning and end), planned, developed in stages and to possess limited resources. Later to the project, it is initiated part of bigger contact with the company, the survey of requirements, which corresponds to as the process. According to Kern, ‘ ‘ Requirement is something that a product must make, or a quality that must ter’ ‘.

For Macoratti (2006), ‘ ‘ requirements express the characteristics and restrictions of the product of software of the point of view of satisfaction of the necessities of the user … being the inclined part most critical and the errors in the development of software’ ‘. Macoratti (2006) still specifies two not functional types of requirements, functionaries and. The first one of them corresponds to everything that the system is capable to make, that is, processes, events or calculations. Already requisite not functional they understand what the system could have, but do not influence in its functioning. According to Son (2000), others exist two important types of requirements, which understand the software and hardware requirements. The hardware requirements involve all the physical part that the company must possess, as well as equipment and necessary infrastructure for the development of the project.

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