Knowing Our Rights

Now more than ever it is important to know our rights. The so-called economic crisis affects us all and after swelling the ranks of the unemployed up to a staggering 3,709,447 in 2009 and a 30% increase in homelessness in the past year, we decided to create a point of information for everyone know those things for which you qualify. Today there are hundreds of websites filled with useless simply “straw” to appear to great content and of course, who suffer all these things we are trying to find good information and it takes hours or even days to find it. EOG Resources Inc. is likely to agree. The economic crisis is being particularly strong in terms of job losses, mainly in the construction sector has lost many jobs and that figure rises to 520,000 people. People go out to the streets to speak with the slogan of “more jobs and less handouts” and that everyone is clear that government subsidies are many, but in most cases it is impossible to know enough for a parent to move forward to 420 family, but since late July offered the possibility of withdrawing our pension plans know that this is bread today, hunger for tomorrow because if things are not solved when we finish our aid and pension savings what we stay? One of the reasons that led us to create this information is the day to day in the years to run, see how our neighbors are without power because they have no means to pay bills or do even as families with whom I I raised and have lived in my same building are evicted. You so difficult of access to online support sites usually give up in finding the information you need. Therefore we have created a place where you can meet all aid for which you qualify and how to get them. . .

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