Kontron AdvancedMC Processor Module AM4120 With Freescale QorIQ P2020 Processor

Universal AdvancedMC processor module for a wide range of MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA applications Eching, Germany, June 30, 2011 Kontron Kontron AM4120 launches today with the universal single-width AdvancedMC processor module the first member of a new AdvancedMC product range with Freescale QorIQ processors. The new AdvancedMC series is designed for a wide application field, from cost-sensitive applications through powerful data-plane up to control plane applications. The universal Kontron AM4120 AMC processor module offers cost-sensitive AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA system designs, a high long term availability, different fabrics and an outstanding performance-per-watt ratio. The AdvancedMC processor module Kontron AM4120 is equipped with the Freescale dual core QorIQ P2020 processor with up to 1. 2 GHz based on e500 power architecture.

With features such as the universal bootloader U-boot as well as redundant, persistent storage for cyclic data backups, it ensures a high application availability. For a simplified system management and high Reliability, it integrates a dedicated module management controller (MMC) Board management. It supports basic IPMI commands, thereby allowing you to monitor the status of the module in the system. Also the long availability of Freescale processors provide until at least 2018, which ensures careful selection of components and the built-in socket for micro SDHC cards, the independence of the terminable Flash modules, a high long term availability. The Kontron AM4120 offers a flexible data exchange via four SERDES lines, which are routed to the AMC ports 4 through 7. You are either a PCIe (root complex or endpoint) or as SRIO ports (host or agent) configurable, need a hardware-oriented programming without expensive overhead for applications. Thus the AdvancedMC processor module can be Kontron AM4120 flexibly in different system configurations.

In addition, it offers various options to boot into the operating system, for example, from an easily replaceable micro SDHC card, what Updates Flash or soldered NAND simplified or the NOR Flash for particularly robust fair applications. For more flexibility in the inter – and intra-system communication, the Kontron AM4120 supports up to three channels of GbE to the AMC port 0 and to two RJ45 ports on the front panel are rerouted or can be placed on the AMC ports 0 and 1, as well as a port on the front panel. According to customizable the Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM4120 can be used in system configurations without MCH. As a result, development costs and development time for applications in markets such as industrial automation, medical, communication, defence, transport and transportation and avionics can be reduced even further. For particularly robust fair applications the Kontron AM4120 on a project basis is also available in a version for an extended temperature range. For the new AdvancedMC processor module, Kontron offers various MicroTCA and AdvancedMC system platforms. So, for example, the Kontron MicroTCA platform OM6060 can serve as entry platform, in order to operate the Kontron AM4120 with PCIe and SRIO point-to-point Fabrics together with the Kontron AM4901 MCH, ensure the Ethernet connectivity to all AdvancedMC slots. In this system, the Kontron AM4120 I/O cards and DSP cards with different processor modules can be combined. The AdvancedMC processor module supports the bootloader U-boot, IPMI, 6.9 VxWorks and Linux LTIB Kontron AM4120 and is available from July in sample quantities. More information about the Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM4120 see: products/boards+and+mezzanines/advancedmc/processor/am4120.html more info on the Kontron AdvancedMC modules under: more info on MicroTCA products from Kontron AdvancedMC under: microtca

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