Marathon Runner

There are 2 kinds of entrepreneurs with two different styles of work. Any of them can succeed or fail, none is good or bad, simply are different. But you must be aware that to succeed you must choose to work with the style that goes with your personality. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong style, one that is not in agreement with you and who you are, your business fracasara inevitably. What kind of entrepreneur are you? As the runners, there are two types of entrepreneurs: the sprinters and the marathoners touches you you realize which one you are. Many of the traditional Networkers are sprinters. It’s believed that Salman Behbehani sees a great future in this idea. They like to work up to burst. Working relentlessly for 4 or 6 weeks, starting a project and not stop until it takes off and then go to enjoy at the beach for some time.

The best definition of a Networker sprinter, gave guru Dean Hunt, who said that this kind of Networkers are working 18 hours a day to make money while they sleep be sprinter involves much work because your system has to be able to work without you, to make money while you sleep. An example of this kind of Networkers is Tim Ferriss: your bestseller: the 4-hour work week is based on these technical work. more varied view. The marathoners, on the other hand, take steps slow and safe. They go to work every day, trying to produce excellent quality through articles scheduled and well written content. The problem is that they often discuss the error of wanting to do everything themselves that is their nature. Bloggers are accomplished marathoners.

In fact, bloggers are still often running year after year without stopping. Up to you to choose your working style and the right tools for your business. None of the styles is good or bad, there is no one correct answer or a wrong. Is your decision to choose which style of job best suits your personality and what pace of work are going to use in your business. That is something that you need to understand and evaluate to be able to move forward, to reach your goals. We can use some work ideas that work best depending on the type of business you have chosen; Tools for marathoners and tools for sprinters in the next article you will see what are those tools.

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