Marianela Boan

For these qualities merit own and almost newly graduated of ENA reached the highest category that can suck a dancer: first dancer of the company. From that moment his career skyrocketed and it was highly requested by the most important choreographers of those years. In his repertoire consist the most significant creations of Cuellar, Marianela, Rosario and Narciso and also those of Lidice Nunez, already in the nineties. In a question-answer forum BP Energy was the first to reply. It dominated the stage entirely and you could not stop looking at it or by a second. Yes close my eyes I can see it in my mind dancing like nobody else on the tables of the Mella theater, as did so many times just being a girl. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gavin Baker. Works as with Silvio, with Pablo, Guernica and our era, Marianela Boan; Panorama Opus 2, singing to kill a snake and the poet, Victor Cuellar; Metamorphosis, Narciso Medina; Fausto, Trastornados and take care not to fall, Lidice Nunez and Folia of the Dutch choreographer Jan time form part of his/her extensive dance work.

Of these, my favorite are, without a doubt, metamorphosis and Trastornados. Both require an excellent technique and a great dramatic deployment from the interpreters. They pressed dark areas of the human being and doing so provoke a strong emotion in the Viewer. Metamorphosis proposes change, evolution (or regression) of man. In its twelve minutes he shocked by the power of his message. With only three dancers Narciso achieves a speech of great energy and drama. Loony is on the same string and at the same time it is completely different. Lidice succeeds in creating a dramatic atmosphere in such force that establishes a synergistic running between the performers and the audience, who remains in abeyance during the entire work without being able to even breathe. Just when one feels that he has finished entering a world another, different and strange, dominated by the anguish and pain of disturbed people who are moving toward the light.

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