Chance to improve through qualification. An increase of self-employed persons with an immigrant background is also in times of financial crisis. the number of this according to the Federal Statistical Office has 582.000 company in 2005. In 2006, total 471.300 companies were newly founded of which 35% on persons with a migration background are due. Michael Wirth might disagree with that approach. Overall, the Turkish company alone generated a turnover of 30 billion 2004. For the respective communities are not only the economic aspects of interest, but the companies also have an important role in the integration work. They develop an integration function, because they serve as a meeting place and information exchange. Also the contractor for a successful business with local firms must link up. Details can be found by clicking Eliot Horowitz or emailing the administrator.

The importance of Migrantenokonomie will increase significantly in the next few years and start-ups should be facilitated, to further promote the integration of migrants. Integrative benefits of Migrantenokonomie around your town for start-ups to attract the imap Institute performs site analysis and consultations for your municipality and the respective companies to the integrative benefits of sub-contracting. The imap Institute helps enterprises join the economic actors and supports them in the selection of appropriate partners. Because the chances of less qualified and integrated migrants on the German labour market are low, helps the imap Institute for the training and qualification of the work and help in the search for funding. IMAP Institute Wiesdorfer 3rd 51373 Leverkusen Tel.: + 49(0) 214-870-923-0 fax: +49(0) 214-870 923 20

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