Nutrient Intakes Of The Skin

The skin and how best absorbs nutrients can take up the skin also nutrients? A naturally beautiful skin needs vitamins. This truism refers to however long ago not only the consumption of vitamin through a varied diet with vegetables and fruit, or taking supplemental vitamin pills you can buy nowadays even in a pharmacy. The vitamins did the scientists of the cosmetics manufacturer. Not only anti aging cream, but also all other supplements and skin care products, vitamin enriched. Vitamins in different creams to protect our skin, maintain smooth and prevent the split ends hair treatments and shampoos. But they may not be of course meal replacement and a nourishment of the body through the skin is also not the goal.

The application of vitamin is inside and out to two fundamentally different areas, which are however quite complementary. What will the vitamins from the outside in the skin cause? To these To answer the question, some physiological conditions must be considered. Many scientists are concerned with the possibilities of the skin to absorb specific substances, but it not least depends on the success of several cosmetic products. Some substances can pass easily through the superficial layer of grease and also the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The ensuing light layer of cells represents an insurmountable barrier for most however.

Through the pores of the bellows of the hair and sebaceous glands easiest included substances in deeper layers of the skin can be inserted, because the Sebaceous Gland walls offer little resistance. Theoretically, also taking material through the channels of the sweat glands is conceivable, which plays only a minor role according to experts. Some scientists attach any great importance to both the oxygen and the water absorption through the skin. However, they differentiate here between external and deeper layers of the skin. The stratum corneum is quite capable of To bind, to maintain as their normal swelling State water. A moisture deficiency manifests itself in more brittle and cracked skin. However, this concerns only the dead stratum corneum, because the light cell layer prevents including, that water can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin of living. It also applies to so the water the guiding principle, that the skin all life receives necessary substances and energies through the blood and lymph vessels, from the metabolism a total for the preservation of the cell. The healthy look of skin, hair and nails requires a full diet, a healthy metabolism and good blood circulation. A prolonged deficiency of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein components, however, affect the appearance.

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