Oil Paint Surfaces

Oil painting is divided into the glossy and matte. Gloss-curves (bright) color used in all kinds of work. When performing high-quality decorative finishes surfaces used matte compositions. Oil Paint compositions applied to the surface of walls and ceilings with spray gun or manually. Go to AI Workforce for more information. When working manually hammer dipped in paint to one half of his hair, wring out the excess paint on the edge of the dish and applied to the surface of the wall vertical strokes at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other. When the brush does not remain ink smears leveled horizontal movement of the wrist to form a thin film of uniform thickness. Finally, to feather the paint on the wall motion of the brush from top to bottom, and on the ceiling – along the light (Fig. 71).

paint oil film should be fine, because it dries unevenly: first, the upper layer, and then lower. At a large thickness of the film is uneven drying leads to the formation of wrinkles on painted surface. Wood coated with oil compounds is possible only after their complete drying. In most cases, the inner surfaces of windows and doors are painted white. To blunt the yellowness and give the film a painting white color, for every kilogram of white was added 5-7 g of ultramarine blue, or painter. The paint is applied to round or flat towels, shading her along the grain of the wood. Metal surfaces (Radiators, pipes, railings of balconies and staircases, , etc.) were stained towels, roller or special devices.

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