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during the degradation of proteins, as with wine in the body could be recorded. However, there are people who have a high sensitivity to sulphur or sulphite and respond partly violently on geschwefelte wines. The reason for this reaction is still unclear, but a clear reference to the sulfur can be drawn. For this group of people can be stated so, that sulphur in wine is unhealthy or at least harmful. The statement that the alcohol contained in the wine is certainly the stronger “poison” has harmful effect for excessive consumption applies to all other wine lovers likely. May also organic wines be sulphured? Organic wines are sulphurised as well as conventionally produced wines, however the organic winemakers meet lower sulfur levels. The danger that the wine without the addition of sulphur is unfit for human consumption or at least taste suffers the most winemakers is too large.

This also applies to organic wine. Is it because ungeschwefelte organic wines? Yes, a small number of especially innovative winemaker produces ungeschwefelte organic wines, the need to hide with regard to their quality not in front of sulphurated wines. An essential prerequisite for the production of ungeschwefelter wines is absolute cleanliness in the wine cellar and severe grape selection. Only then can be an excellent ungeschwefelter organic wine. This higher expense usually also means that ungeschwefelte wines are usually more expensive. In return, the consumer receives a completely natural product.

The example of organic wines from the winery strohmeier from Styria, Austria shows that these unsulphurated wines can be an incredibly rich spectrum of flavors and an unforgettable taste experience. The organic wines from the winery strohmeier were 18 months in oak barrels and then bottled without filtration and Sulfuration. Of these organic wines is deutlcih means the renunciation of the Sulfuration not at the same time the renunciation of pleasure. However manages to produce really good unsulphurated wine currently only a few specialists. More information on the topic of sulphur in wine and organic wine production can be found on the information portal Organic wine erlesen.de. Dr. Olaf Nitzsche, organic wine erlesen.de, Jena

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