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In such a way all will know what and as the separation of the garbage will be made. What it is, and what is not reciclvel? They are considered you recycle those residues that constitute transformation interest, that they have market or operation that makes possible its industrial transformation. nformation. To cite an example: dismissable diapers are recycle (, but in Brazil it does not have this technology (still). Therefore it does not have alternative destination to the lixes and sanitary aterros for dismissable diapers in Brazil. Soon, dismissable diapers are not configured as material you recycle in our context. This example also is good to demonstrate as it does not have ' ' prescription of bolo' ' the importance of the program of selective collection to have coherence with the local reality, that is, the social, ambient and economic reality. In the list below it has said materials you did not recycle that in certain regions it has purchasers, being able to be considered therefore you recycle. WE GO TO MAKE Attention In such a way: it is not necessary to separate for colors, Is enough you recycle to separate them of you did not recycle (dry garbage and humid garbage) PAPER You recycle Leves and paper shavings Reviewed Periodicals Boxes Cardboard Forms of computer Bristol boards Cards Envelopes written Rough drafts Photocopies Brochures Printed matters in general Tetra PakNo Adhesive Reciclveis Labels Crepe Ribbon Paper carbon Photographs Paper towel hygienical Paper Paraffined Metallized engordurados Papers Plasticized Paper of fax Must be dry, clean (without fat, remaining portions of food, grease), of preference not kneaded.

The cardboard boxes must be dismounted for a question of otimizao of the space in the storage. Metal You recycle aluminum Cans steel Cans: oil, sardine, gravy of tomatoe. Hardware Pipes Esquadrias ArameNo you recycle Clips Cramps steel Sponge Cans of ink or poison fuel Cans Stacks clean Batteries e, if possible Must be, reduced to a lesser volume (kneaded) Plastic Recycle Covers food Pots PET mineral water Bottles Receiving of Cleanness Hygiene PVC plastic Bags BaldesNo Toys you recycle pan Handle Taken Foam Adhesive Acrylic Keyboards of computer you possibly recycle Isopor has recycling in some localities clean Pots and bottles and without residues to prevent transmitting animals of illnesses next to the storage place.

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