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Developers of the personal information management (PIM) software DAISHO bundles customer communication in support community platform for dialogue is also used for the development of productivity software Munich, December 06, 2010. The solution provider Daisho Blacksmith has his customers for all questions about the versatile personal information management software (PIM) DAISHO set up an English-language support community and there bundled its international customer service. Get on the platform for dialogue the user from immediately competent and rapid support, also they can tell there directly their wishes and requirements on the professional self management software DAISHO. This Daisho blacksmith can better align the development of PIM tools to the needs of the user. The support community is currently divided into three categories. With regard to ask a question”the questions are answered, that often arise in dealing with the self -, time -, contact – and project management tool. Common problems in dealing with DAISHO can in the “Category report a problem” will be reported.

Daisho blacksmith’s team then promptly offered solutions for the posted problems. All ideas and suggestions to the PIM software are collected with project management functions under share of idea”. The customer community to be a communicative platform to the exchanges of between the user and with the team of Daisho blacksmith. A foundation stone for the innovative development of our PIM software Daisho blacksmith places great emphasis on customer proximity which is active dialog with our customers. So it is possible to take into account the ideas and wishes of our users in the further development of DAISHO us”, says Klaus Wiedemann, founder and CEO of Daisho blacksmith. Currently our customers can participate in the beta test to the latest release by DAISHO: the beta version is available from the download area. Users who participate in the beta test and back to log their experiences or completing a relevant questionnaire, receive a 30% discount on the full version. ” so Klaus Wiedemann.

About Daisho blacksmith: The Daisho blacksmith GmbH, Munich, has a DAISHO mobile and platform-independent software designed for personal information management (PIM) with project management capabilities. The software is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. The DAISHO productivity software includes a professional time management and contact management (CRM), organized the daily communication via an integrated E-Mail client with Skype connection and provides helpful tools such as quick notes and the management of different work environments. Functions for the structuring of tasks and projects, as well as the tracking of targets form the basis for an efficient personal project management. The DAISHO of PIM software can be installed on a USB stick and can be used on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC without further installation from there. The software is based on Java and therefore easily runs on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines.

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