Possesss Objects

also Possesss properties as: address, age, dependents, wage, position, among others. The behavior can be determined by operaescomo: to increase wage, to list dependents and to modify position. Aspropriedades only can be manipulated through the operaesdefinidas ones in the interface of the object, in way that the form of armazenamentodas properties and implementation of the operations other external entities are desconhecidaspelas (encapsulamento of information). Figure 1.2. The object ' ' Empregado' ' Proportionate benefits for objects:A time that objects use the beginning of the abstraction of data, oencapsulamento of information provides to two benefits principaispara the development of systems: Modularity: cdigofonte for an object can be written and be kept dacdigo independently source of other objects.

Moreover, an object can serfacilmente migrado for other systems. Ocultamento deinformao: an object has a public interface that the others objetospodem to use to establish communication with it. But, objetomantm information and private methods that can be modified to aqualquer hour without affecting the other objects that depend on it. That is, it is not necessary to know as the object is implemented to poderutilizar it. Messages A alone object is not muitotil and generally it it appears as a component of great programaque will count many other objects. Through the interaction of these objetospode to get a great functionality and more complex behaviors.Objects of software interact and are communicated with the others through demensagens. When it desires It to the object that object B executes one of seusmtodos, the object sends It a message to object B. Some times oobjeto receiving needs more information so that it saibaexatamente what it must make; this information is transmitted juntamentecom the message through parameters. A message is formed by three basic components: the object to who the message is addressed (receiving) the name of the method that if it desires to execute the parameters (if to exist) necessary to it mtodoClasse ' ' It is the definition of the attributes and functions of a type of object.

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