Private Early Retirement For All – Know How

45 in pension, with 50 in pension, with 55 in pension early retirement – early retirement of 45 in pension with 50 in pension with 55 in pension you want to not work 66, 67 (maybe even 70) years up to the age of 65, as it stipulates the statutory pension scheme? How you can nevertheless already with 55 in pension”go? The solution is the financial bridging of the period up to the actual start of the pension. Capital is saved for this purpose and then again disbursed in monthly amounts. During the Ansparungs – and paid the capital will be paid interest. In practice, the capital in a Fondgebundenen to life insurance save and then paid out in monthly instalments. Example: Mr. Muller (35 years old) would occur in early retirement at the age of 55. Mr. Miller has another 20 years time (up to 55) a capital cushion to build up financially to bridge the 10 years leading up to the statutory pension entitlement (from 55 to 65).

Mr. Muller must consider the following: how much money would I have paid out monthly as a bridge (10 years)? Concrete numbers: Mr. Muller saves life insurance until the age of 55 years 385,-EUR per month in a linked (assumption: 20 years, 5% interest). Over the next 10 years Mr. Muller gets paid off monthly 1.500,-EUR (adoption: 10 years, 3% interest). Result: 385,-EUR per month Mr. Muller can go for 10 years earlier in pension. To take into account is that the State pension is lower falls, absence with early retirement insurance years. Here the State-sponsored retirement provision as a supplement would offer himself. More info can be found here: early retirement Jakob Walter

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