Proper Skin Care – so health is today! A new trend has emerged there. More and more men resort to skin care products look better and to combat premature aging of the skin. For the commercial of products maintain a variety offers especially for men. Smooth skin without wrinkles and blemishes, a theme which concerns not only the world of women. Because many men are now man”enough, is with the subject of premature skin aging apart to install and actively to fight.

The market has adapted itself in this respect and offers a wide range of high-quality, tailored specifically to men’s skin cosmetics products. Proper skin care + is still a real figure of a man? Among men publicly a new trend for many despised, but also secretly and behind closed of doors! The skin of a man differs greatly from that of a woman. It is thicker, and oily because it contains a higher proportion of elastin and collagen, because the sebaceous glands are active. Already on base the thorough cleansing of the skin is this fact in the morning and in the evening essential sebum to remove dirt and dead skin cells. This is at best a gentle cleansing milk. Then gently free pores of leftover contaminants, a special, skin-purifying facial toner can be used after the facial cleansing. This tonic vitalizes the skin and helps to restore the skin’s natural acid mantle. Alcoholic products should be avoided for dry and sensitive skin.

Since constantly renewed, the old skin layers remain to the skin on the skin a gentle exfoliation is recommended once per month. This removes the dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation. The skin looks after fresh and can better absorb skin care products. To prevent premature aging of the skin, a cream can be used, that is not greasy and moisturizes. As skin care products should be used above all UV radiation that can be rapidly aging skin, the skin before sun exposure protect. Always the right shaving is still a mystery for many? And it also applies to the shave to heed some tips. Dear shave before showering, because after the shower, the skin is swollen up and beard hair can be cut off is not good. Best after cleansing shave. Apply shaving cream or gel with a brush and soak for a few minutes. These whiskers are and can be better captured by the Shaver. Shave to save the skin always in direction of growth with no pressure. After the shaving, the skin is usually reddened and irritated. Now a soothing, cooling aftershave lotion helps. So neat they are fit for the summer and your skin will thank you! All men’s care products, visit

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