ReichStag Parliament

Finally on November 9 falls the wall Berlin allowing free movement of citizens throughout the city. 2. When go-the majority of people prefer and choose to go in the summer, taking advantage of the celebration of festivals that there are in this city, especially the LoveParade, with millions of people in the streets celebrating. But make sure that the year you are going festival is held that because there are years in which not have been held, but do not worry, that part of this, there are many more festivals and you’ll find activities of all styles. 3 Transport, situemonos a little in this great city.-in Berlin, you will find in many other European cities, a network of commuter trains, at the same time that a metro to get around the city.Here in Germany the commuter networks take the name of S-Bahn, and the meter has the name of U-Bahn. Here are both means of transport planes for if quieresmirarlo before that you go to your German course in Berlin.

S-Bahn U-Bahn 4.-If you’re going to Berlin, you can’t miss – Berlin wall still are conserved some stretches of the Berlin wall, there is one that has more than one kilometre long. Checkpint Charlie Yet it is in good condition, was one of the points through which the foreigner entering East Berlin and also point of clandestine getaway for any of its inhabitants. Today it survives as this construction donode Museum tells what happened surrounding him. -Brandenburg Gate – symbolises the reunification of the country after the time so hard that the people went. It still stands and is located a few meters from the wall in no man’s land.

-German ReichStag Parliament where there is a glass dome accessible to tourists from which you can see a panoramic view of the city of Berlin. Something very nice.

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