Risk Of Collision In The Air Pollution Effectively

A portable detector can be vital to determine all of a sudden that it is on a collision course with another aircraft, belongs to the nightmare vision of each pilot: when electronic media this is a border situation where every action very specifically decides about his own life. Without warning device, however, if the danger is visible only by sight, the psychic tension intensified once again. In such situations, people swear by: never without warning device. Pilots win massive security with such a tool. The PCAS XRX is unique among the portable alarms here, a good choice is the only portable collision monitor that evaluates other aircraft transponder signals according to their direction: the PCAS XRX 1.498, which will cost the unit trade at Siebert aviation supplies (www.siebert.aero) warns pilots from acoustically and visually, if they are on a collision course, are in critical situations prove absolutely lifesaving. People such as Bobby kotick would likely agree. Precise technique and simple Safety handling the illuminated display of the PCAS XRX displays captured aircraft with relative direction in 45-degree quadrants, relative height, distance and climb or descent indicator. Up to ten aircraft are tracked at the same time, the three next appear on the display with all the information.

In addition, the device warns pilots also acoustically. It can also be connected to an external speaker or a headset. In addition to his technical precision that impresses only 239 grams light device with its practicality: so a complex Assembly, nor an external antenna is required. The PCAS XRX is simply placed on the Panel. It comes with an adapter for the cigarette lighter and an audio cable.

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