Robert Kiyosaki

This is one opportunity that must not be rejected if you really believed in it. In my own experience, when I cuando me di di has my sponsor not helped me in the most minimum to achieve my goals and clarify some doubts, I realized I was wasting time and money and would not reach my goals, so I decided that this opportunity is for my and nothing and no one could take me from my hands, and thus look for a sponsor you would have the ability to help all its affiliates, because I relied on this opportunity, is is for me, is that if at GTC I can’t reach my goals, not has it in any other way. So when I met the person who today is my sponsor gave me has that what he was doing would not me lead to anything good, when you visit her blog I said to myself, this person will lead me to achieve the duplicity in my MLM network and thus was, and from that moment I prepare to become a responsible sponsor and help all members of my network. I’d rather have active affiliates 50 that 1000 people who fail the duplication. The second mistake of an affiliate: believe that with only affiliate already begin to earn money is very common to think that enter an MLM business is simply join and sit and wait for the money to rain, but in reality this doesn’t work as well, nothing works if only it feels to wait. All you have to do to achieve your financial independence in GTC is work all DAYS.

So, there are many tools to learn to use and many books to read, there is much to learn if we are to succeed in this multilevel, no wasting time, there to sit and wait because so does not operate any business. All you have to do is work hard and be trained in order to help affiliates and apply all the strategies to be doubled. The two books that you have in mind (are the most helped me in the first 20 days of the business) rich dad poor dad and Robert Kiyosaki business school. The third error of an affiliate: not to help and guide your affiliates to run a multilevel network all the links of the pyramid should help working on equipment, because there is no competence in this business, there are only people who comply with a quantity of money and people that they go for everything, but more beyond this, he must not stay with knowledge should be that every Member in your network have the ability implement the concepts and strategies to achieve financial freedom. If an affiliate does not earn, then his sponsor win less, because serves anyone have an affiliate that does not work, it is very important to understand this point, to achieve your goals you must work every day, this people say that today are multimillion dollar and succeeded in forging that fortune working every day. While most help your network to achieve their goals, but they succeed they help affiliates achieve duplication and to continue working every day on computer.

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