Saint Peter Apostle

When he refused to offer a sacrifice to the gods claiming that he was Christian, something forbidden at that time, the Roman judges decided to give him time to reflect; However, a few days later Theodore entered at night in the Temple of Cybele Amasea (Turkey) in and caught fire, destroying it completely. The patience of judges was depleted, and Teodoro was sentenced to death. Gives us Wikipedia about it, St. Theodore was the first patron of Venice, until he was deposed in the early 9th century. With the power of the Byzantine Empire in remarkable decline, the Venetians decided to have as standard a Greek Saint wasn’t too reasonable. At the same time, Rome extended its influence under the protection of Saint Peter Apostle, father of the Church. So some Venetian merchants devised a risky plan: they traveled to Egypt and stole the relics of San Marcos, camouflaging the mortal remains of the Evangelist among pieces of pork so that the Muslims could not discover them. And that was how in the year 828 San Marcos became the patron of Venice, where a luxurious basilica in his honour was erected.

In the 12th century it was transferred his body to Brindisi, and he is there honored as patron, the head is enshrined at Gaeta. There are Churches bearing his name in Constantinople, Jerusalem, Damascus, and other places of the ancient Christian East. An ancient Church of San Teodoro in Venice is said to have been founded by Narses. The Church was then demolished when the basilica of San Marcos was expanded. At the foot of the Palatine Hill in Rome is a very old church, dedicated to San Teodoro and circular shape, whom the Roman village called San Toto, who was made a collegiate church by Pope Felix IV in the celebration of the week made famous masses, events with concerts.

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