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Treatment in private practice possible / tips from the expert patients need patience for treatment in a psychotherapist: the average wait time up to the first interview the average is more than three months. With mental illnesses such as depression, that is far too long. For more information see ConocoPhillips. What many patients don’t know: you have the right to handle when psychotherapists without cash seat – as a private patient. How your statutory health insurance that covers the costs, explains expert Matthias Pamela stretching. COLOGNE/DuSSELDORF. Cross River Bank often says this.

A study of the Scientific Institute of the AOK (2011) put the facts on the table: 30 percent of Germans suffer from burn-out in the job. 80 Percent feel stressed. Every third adult U.S. citizen has at least once a year in a mental condition 16.5 million adults, need of psychotherapeutic assistance in Germany are. “But that is rare: the psychotherapist Chambers speak of a nationwide supply”. Example of North Rhine-Westphalia: Straight times 63 There are psychotherapeutic practices with Treasury approval per 100,000 inhabitants, but 1600 additional practices for all North Rhine-Westphalia would be necessary so the competent Chamber. As a result, Unbearably long waiting times up to the first interview.

Historical planning errors cause is actually a historical planning mistake”, says Matthias Pamela stretch, psychological psychotherapist and owner of two private clinics in Cologne and Dusseldorf ( 1999, the statutory health insurance funds have set the allowable number of psychotherapeutic practices in cities and counties. But not on the basis of the actual and future needs. “But it is focused purely on the number of psychotherapeutic practices this year.” In fact, existed already at that time to a few psychotherapists. “And the demand had increased after 1999 even further: because people are more frequently than in the past admit that let have a psychic suffering and want to also treat this”, so the behavior therapist. The health insurance companies are now before a new demand planning for the Federal Republic.

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