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Now the Software House DatLogistik delivers logistics 3000 – the forwarding program – version 10.15 with the Super fast engine – grid scheduling – shipping software. Through the integration of the new module – grid scheduling – shipping software logistics – forwarding program – 3000 is the work of dispatchers again accelerated and greatly improves the overview of all orders. The 13, in any combination provide deployable, pre-defined grid settings, with one click, a nachbearbeitbare disposition list. Easier and faster it is hardly. According to the motto -, as much as necessary – but as little as possible – the Software House DatLogistik – its freight forwarding software establishes logistics 3000. With the new development of the Super clamps grid MRP MRP module – – DatLogistik stays true to this motto.

Just so it is a very easy to use software solution, which requires only a very small free training and allows an order entry in a time range of approx. 1 min. per order as a result. The automation of all other administrative operations leads to enormous time savings. Within Europe the shipping software used, successfully transport and trading companies, of different disciplines in four countries by forwarding. W. Hegebarth

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