Smoking Ban Declared Seniors In Nursing Homes

Protect non-smoking! That was the main goal of the politicians, who have campaigned for the implementation of the protection of non-smokers in Germany. With almost two years smoking ban is been not missed the goal certainly. The other sequences that bring the smoking ban to should, not all have been taken into account however. While the majority of Germans thus takes off in buses, on platforms or in public buildings to smoke no longer and discuss revenues from restaurant operators, for example, the old people living in nursing homes not asks whether they can reconcile with the new situation. Because the statutory smoking ban applies to nursing stations.

Approx. 650,000 senior citizens live in Germany’s old people’s and nursing homes, about 200,000 more in special elderly apartments. According to the Federal Health Ministry, 23% of 60 up 65, 16.8% of 65-70 years and 13.4% of the more than 70 years smoke. Old people, the is either an apartment or a private room in a Senior home can afford or are already reliant must completely renounce their cigarettes. Thus, many smokers not only in their years of habits are curtailed, but sacrificing even another piece of self determination. Smoking ban makes elderly lonely at social events, many places are often empty colorful afternoons, the evening games or convivial gatherings since the introduction of the smoking ban.

The smokers remain dear in their own four walls. Because: people may smoke in their apartments and rooms finally privacy may not be attacked. Thus, the smoking ban pushes many old people in isolation. Residents who again took part in life, pull back again. Because nobody has thought, when the goal was set to protect non-smokers in Germany by smoking bans. Contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str. 51 44534 Lunen Lothar Wuttke, phone: 02306 / 76540

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