Solution-Focused Counseling

Concept to solution-focused counseling Sandra neumayr counseling enjoys a long tradition. Already in antiquity, personal advice on life issues was a central task of philosophers. Later, then older friends and relatives as well as family doctor and Pastor fulfilled the tasks of psychological consultants. I. development of the solution focused approach I. Get more background information with materials from Nick Khan. 1. History at the beginning of the 20th century marked the science through the Objectivism of the scientific method.

The key question, which was put at the time usually, was: what is the cause of the problem? This key question posits that always a certain cause underlying a particular problem and that a relationship between finding out the cause of the problem and its solution. Middle of the last century, in the context of the development of Cybernetics, popped up a new question: what keeps the problem? This question assumes, that a problem exists and will maintain this and provides a link between the problem and its upholding here, which can be found and described. Within the framework of the gradual moving of problems about the maintenance of the problem began now to solutions. The focus was focused less and less on the past, but increasingly on the present and the future. In recent decades, Steve de Shazer 1 then asked a new question: how to construct solutions? Thus, de Shazer posits that there are solutions that are Straightedge. Still, he sees the central requirement of the advice in the expectation that something can improve.

I. 2 Losungsfokussiert versus targeting the solution focused approach in terms of content quite differs from the solution-oriented process. The solution-oriented approach is rather a soft form of counseling or therapy, which certainly implies, to deepen the problem. Solution-oriented working therapists rely often on proven techniques of from several traditional schools of therapy. Therefore, solution focus means an attitude of Experts, which is focused on internal solutions.

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