Gabions, the protective elements of the latest generation, not only for fulfilment, but amaze by their diversity. Gabions are baskets made from solid bar mats, which are filled with stones. The particularly clever in this solution: the homeowners decide on the color, style, and size of the stones themselves according to their personal tastes and their own ideas. So the gabions can either visually from the other stone items around the House stand out or be integrated inconspicuously. Gabions fit in anywhere, are robust and impress with their almost unlimited design and application possibilities: they are suitable as a privacy screen, Windbreak or decorative element as well as a letter box pillar or bench. The combination of gabions with materials such as bamboo, glass or metal is attractive: the privacy becomes a decorative element in this way. Its height and length can be chosen as the filling.

Besides the gabions are also Visual and panels made of wood, Plastic, glass, concrete and aluminium in different colors, shapes and sizes to the core competencies of the fencing team. The company offers the largest selection of Visual and noise protection solutions and garden fences in German-speaking countries. The experienced staff advises each customer individually, whether locally or in the fence market. Because the fencing team’s emphasis that the privacy of its customers is perfectly protected, also visually is much noise and privacy and he also blends into the environment. The fence specialist is extensively represented at 66 locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The well structured website and the free brochure with 180 pages provide a quick overview of the large range.

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