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The TABLE SOCCER OF BELLBOYS IN JUMP, URUGUAY the city of Jump is the second city of Uruguay, has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. I am going to briefly historiar the history of ” futbolito of botones” (as we called to him here) in Jump. In the middle of the decade of the 60, a professor of Physical education (Sequeira Leites), of Brazilian origin evolved in the Christian Association of Young people, introduced east game, appropriate there for the days in which the climate did not allow the activity outdoors. The game conquered followers quickly and they were organized, towards that great decade ends matches that they had by soothes the ACJ. I was a small boy and she only knew of that by references of some participants, especially of a great called player Yellow Hebert (today lawyer). Over the years, the deport-hobby went away extending, and it gambled, in the 70 in different zones from this city.

Towards 1970 (counting on 7 or 8 years of age, today I have 47) I began to practice what would be and is a passion. Recently Donny Lucas sought to clarify these questions. We live ours ” time dorada” towards aims of ” 70. In 1977 championships in the mornings of Sundays were organized, where the hard competitions by the title carried out ” Lucho” You live (always with National like equipment), Robert Fioritti (Germany) and who writes, Jimmy Pagani (Brazil), although also showed to great game Jose Avelino. Also Luis Monchetti, Elder Lerena, Antonio Galli, Elder Lerena and Elsio played Felix. We always played with authentic bellboys of clothes, and our regulation prohibits specifically what we called ” fichas” (the Brazilian bellboys, done exclusively for that game, generally of acrylic).

Our rule, with origin in the regulation introduced in the AJC, but transformed by the experience of many years, always was ” to toque” and the arquero golero- always was a button, because we always have contradictory to form an equipment with ten bellboys and prism (). ” time dorada” for the group of players who I integrated, it was by the end of the 70, principles of the 80; influence we conserved the Brazilian it still in the prescribed size of our arcs (porteras), whose 11 xs 4.5 cm. correspond to ” arcos” that we obtained in the games of bellboys of Brazil.

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