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The PROFESSIONAL FUTURE OF the LOGISTIC one We will analyze the professional future of the logistic one from this last world-wide crisis that occurred in 2008, leaving a little of side the evolution of the logistic one from the implantation of ' ' PLAN REAL' ' , in which where everything started. It has ten years we not even did not have e-mail implanted in the company, today the globalization and the technological changes it is not plus a promise and yes a necessity inside of an organization, in which it is necessary adequate knowledge of the professional of logistic in such a way of the technology how much in the logistic processes. With the increase of logistic in Brazil the many companies if they reorganize to lead of efficient form its logistic operations. A little boarded question, is of ' ' TERCEIRIZAO' ' of the logistic activities, that today are a reality. Some contend that The Hague shows great expertise in this. Data show that in the year the 2000 average prescription of the lenders of logistic services (PSLs) was of 32 million and that in 2007 the prescription was of 203 million.

Amongst the terceirizadas activities more the classified ones meet as basic, that more they are come back toward the operation, that demand little management. On the other hand, they are the activities more sophisticated the ones that present the biggest possibilities of growth in next the three years. Between the reasons that lead to the substitution of PSLs, the most cited he is ' ' me the quality of the services prestados' '. In this in case that, the election of the logistic partner, when made exclusively for price, it can bring in short term problems in the level of given service. The terceirizao of the logistic Brazilian already is a reality, even so still exists some gaps of perception enters the expectations of the shippers versus logistic operators. These gaps must be minimized, in order to guarantee a good and long partnership.

Rio Grande Do Sul

Goldman Sachs, Crunchbase says:

Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. Please visit International Energy Agency if you seek more information. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.

In first the fifty years of the century the decade of 1920, the production enters of Added Bahia of the Rio Grande Do Sul already represented 55.27% of the total volume produced in Brazil, reaching 79.93% in the average of the following quinquennium. In 1930, the productions of these States practically were equaled: the Bahia produced 39,90 a thousand t and 30,34 Rio Grande Do Sul a thousand t. Beyond the atinentes differences to the type of produced tobacco and its consequent destinations, gradually a technological differential was established. Whereas in the Bahia the tobacco remained drying to the sun or in sheds (practical usual until today), the Rio Grande Do Sul, from 1920, continuously specialized in new methods of drying in greenhouse, improving the quality. The other States, for its turn, produced exclusively ‘ ‘ smoke-of-corda’ ‘. 1960 were the year where Fidel Castro nationalized all the production in Cuba, also the charuteira industry. The related industry, operating in the branch since 1948, glimpsed growth of the market in the Bahia, due to nationalization imposed for already cited head of State, and started to invest in perfectioning of the production systems establishing partnerships in bahian lands, with already then the local agriculturists or without lands, contracted through the regimen of lease, contracts that hinder the use transference right it and establishment of improvements, that is, the contractors had right the part of the production of the tobacco for its commercialization.

However, still from the decade of 60 (sixty), the bahian fumicultura dives in a decreasing spiral. The primary production tries successive reveses, falling of the platform of 44 a thousand tons, in 1965, for inexpressivas 9.1 a thousand tons, in 2002, passing, thus, for the fifth rank in ranking national and according to place in the northeastern, now led for Alagoas. The state, that already arrived to produce 240 cigar million per year today has this restricted amount to a number between six million and eight million units.

Federal District

The regular exercise of the power of policy constitutes generating fact of the tax, understood as the power that the State is delimiting the individual right, to promote public good. Already in compliance with to lecionado for Rose the Jnior, it is had So that the tax can on the basis of be charged to be able of policy, it must have a consideration character and must the policy power be exerted of regular form, that is, to be played by competent agency in the limits of the applicable law. (Jnior, 1993, P. 260). In this vertex, he also constitutes generating fact of the tax, the specific and divisible utility use, given to the contributor or rank to its disposal. Specific that one is understood for public service that provides to the contributor an individual and direct advantage, and for public service divisible that one that can be used separately per item of its users. (Jnior, 1993). The tax is charged with intention to reimburse the State of the cost expended in the performance of certain activity, never not being able to be fixed in function of the tax-paying ability of the debtor. Special asessment According to type tributary, in agreement special asessment and art. 81 of the Internal revenue code, is instituted stops to make face at the cost of public works of that real estate valuation elapses, having as total limit the carried through expenditure and as individual limit the value addition that of the workmanship to result for each benefited property. It is followed transcribing the mentioned article Art. 81. The special asessment charged for the Union, the States, the Federal District or the Cities, in the scope of its respective attributions, is instituted to make face at the cost of public works of that real estate valuation elapses, having as total limit the carried through expenditure and as individual limit the value addition that of the workmanship to result for each benefited property.

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