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Barbie Dolls

As is well known, children at a certain stage of growth enjoy great moments of entertainment as they play with different toys and other teaching aids, which by their nature are ideal for children, since they in many cases represent some of the series they see on TV. or represent some of the things they want to be big, so the market of toys and other items for children’s entertainment you can find a variety of toys and dolls, including some that can be found for his career market and the great satisfaction that infants expressed by such toys have earned worldwide recognition, as with the barbie and the whole line of items that came with international wrist. It was so much the history of Barbie, which for a long time and even now, the toy doll is recognized throughout the world, which supports the fact of being the best selling toy on the planet, as its features and its wide variety of presentation has allowed the wrist always at the forefront of children’s toy market, and has served and satisfied the tastes of girls who see these dolls an element which may be many moments of fun creating different situations or making representations in some cases their lives.

Barbie was launched in 1959, exactly on the 9th of March, accompanying the implementation of an event of toys, which was the American International Toy Fair, which was a toy fair held in the city of New York. The idea of creating the barbie, is due to the creative mind of Ruth Handler, who had the advantage of being the wife of one of the founders of the international toy company Mattel, is Elliot Handler, which undoubtedly served as a big push to position the wrist in the market through distribution, since the task of pleasing the buyer to be the same barbie. To a large extent, which served as the basis for carrying out the barbie by its creator, is she saw her daughter Barbara enjoyed more than playing with dolls features of adult women with dolls as a child with issues, particularly the barbie thing is that this is named in honor of the daughter of the creator, ie Barbara. In the beginning the implementation of this doll did not have the support of Mattel, until the U.S. came a German doll named Lilli and Mattel take the popularity of this doll and bought the rights, then make certain changes in the image in the body and the name, tasks left by Ruth Handler, who achieved a great result, what was that since the launch of the barbie tell with great acceptance by the girls and to this day has not lost awaken the taste characteristics in the various public who buy.

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