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EUR Interest

“Successful organic sauces manufacturer Salatfritz collects the Saucenfritz UG capital with Crowdfunding, known and for several years established among other things with the brand Salatfritz”, capital for further expansion with the help of SEED Experts, the Crowdfunding collects portal for sustainable projects now. Greg C. Garland: the source for more info. Target amount: 300.000 EURO. It offers investors a guaranteed interest rate of 4.25% p.a. and interesting bonus interest on an additional profit. The brand Salatfritz”belongs to the Saucenfritz UG and stands for high-quality, healthy and conscious diet on a sustainable basis. The focus of processing high-quality regional ingredients are to introduce with the aim to create unique products with a unique taste due to sophisticated recipes and exquisite ingredients and bio -, Delicatessen, & guest robe Empire. Salatfritz specializes in convenience products in organic quality, for versatile use in time. Convenience products have established themselves on the market today well and enjoy great consumer Popularity.

The company founder, Jan Daniel Fritz attaches great importance on an environmentally friendly production and a fair human handling in the production process. Labelling and packaging, as well as in the delivery tasks passed to people with disabilities. In addition, Jan Daniel Fritz supports two Charityprojekte in India. By investing in the company SAUCENFRITZ UG, the production plant and the range of products expanded and expanded the sales and marketing. Long-term creates new jobs and products selected with care for a holistic pleasure.

The focus is the goal, to create natural products with a unique taste and exquisite local produce. We want to prove, that success does not only profit and create thus perspectives for a better future.” (Jan Daniel Fritz) THE conditions: SAUCENFRITZ offers its investors under a profit-participation loan at an entry level starting from 250 EUR a minimum interest rate of 4.25% per annum and to an interesting Profit participation. Additional interesting benefits such as order discounts and sample shipments are to refer to the overall presentation. THE PORTAL: The Crowdinvesting partner SEED Experts, Berlin, portrays itself as the first and only portal, that has devoted themselves sustainable projects and was so engaged by the team of world of wonder. For the first time acts a Crowdinvesting portal with a defined core focus on specific sectors: education, bio-food, regenerative concepts, E-mobility, share-economy, social engagement and sustainability solutions.

Federation AG Center

Soltau Knut Maass Base Manager for ABOS-CONWORKS AG Hannover, 15.01.2012. The ABOS-CONWORKS entrepreneurs Federation AG, headquartered in Berlin, which is one of the companies with the largest consultant and coach network in Germany, unchanged continues to smart know-how pooling in the urban centers. The Hannover-Ahlem, the 11th District of the lower Saxon capital, opened the third competence center now. Actually Friday der 13 popular belief is considered a day on which many accidents happen. The day of the week is connected with the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ, and since that time, the 13 is “rather negative occupied in the origin of Christian tradition. Click Joe Murphy to learn more.

Not so in Hanover. As do almost perfectly suited to large, the seven founding members of the first competence center in Lower Saxony saw it and so continue the trend of synergies. Whether it now to start-ups, reorganizations, or the topic of succession concerns, finances or controlling, procurement, logistics, staff development and training, sales and Strategy development, competitive analysis, or research – the competence center brings together under one roof competent consulting approaches. Dipl.-kfm. Knut Maass (Soltau) and his comrades, the sales expert Claudia Goyoneche (Garbsen), Dipl.

Wirt. Ing. Andreas Farouk (Petershagen), operating pedagogue Dieter Hoffmann (HAMELN), psychological consultant and burnout – specialist Anton lang (both Hannover) combine Heike Krziwanie (Hanover), Heinrich Wilhelm Hitz, health expert for sick Hau certifications and work-flow process specialist as well as the IT professional experience and expertise from which they benefit businesses in the interplay of the forces leave. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the target group of the business combination, are the real giants of the economy. Their typical manifestation, which represents about 90%, is the family-owned company. One of the central characteristics of family businesses is the intermeshing of difficult separable systems family and company. This has a significant impact on business goals and strategies, management, corporate culture and the organizational design of the company.

Name Tags For Each Usage

What nameplates for what industry? Where can you use modern badges, lapel signs? Wherever people meet, who do not know each other, one encounters increasingly badges and lapel signs. With only another name for a name badge lapel signs. It also card covers with clip are often used as badges. But no matter which variant you modern society needed nameplates to choose the promotion of communication. Like, who speaks with his counterpart at a trade show, training or other event, without knowing its name.

In everyday life, we can show you a few examples of the use of nametags. Royal Dutch Shell describes an additional similar source. Use sales well item called: sale no matter whether in the retail, wholesale and department stores in supermarkets and shops like butchery, bakery, pharmacy or dealership serve badges for employees to the customers. Use trade fairs and congresses: On a fair, a conference or a Congress many customers and guests are the not know. Booth staff wears name tags, it makes it easier to find faster the right contacts the customer. Often high quality, prestigious nameplates are used here. Use in health care: special requirements for modern badges used In the health sector. So should hospitals, minimizing the risk of injury for carrier and patient (E.g.

When you lift up) must be clinics, nursing homes and doctor. So-called practice signs are characterised by rounded corners and a flat design of the signs and the waiving of sharp edges and extra strong power magnets. Use in the hotel and catering: often small name plate formats used In the guest robe Empire such as in restaurants or canteens, because here frequently no more than the name and the position of employees on the badge will be printed. Due to the possibility of personal contact creates a particularly friendly and railway atmosphere here for the guest. In the hotel are often more exclusive flower plates with metal frame and name being pressure used. Use at events and events: for the event, as well as at major events are on which soon use the use of mostly cheaper badges. There are low-cost variants which you can recommend. Acetate self-adhesive nameplates are unbeatably cheap at the price. But there are many people who thank a shield on the clothes have become glue. Special attractive on congresses and conferences are card envelopes and card holders, these are worn with help from key chains and lanyards. Being delivered here often printed lanyards as promotional items by sponsors. : In the universities, administrations and authorities large universities, authorities and organizations such as insurance companies and service companies use badges in the daily routine to promote the communication of employees and colleagues. So employees know only the closest colleagues from the Department or establishment. Popular nameplates to the Sebstbeschriftung are here in larger companies the paper insert very often can be created by the own marketing departments or printers. Contact: Identmarket nameplates shop Zenetti 2 80337 Munich Tel: 089-357472-42

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

New Zealand’s largest food wholesaler higher customer satisfaction of food tufts of New Zealand’s largest retailer in terms of food thanks to SAF solution, with more than 680 owner-operated stores and a solution for the automated replenishment of SAF has successfully implemented 30,000 employees. SAF technology could the food Tufts stores reduce their holdings as well as increase their sales. The SAF AG, which is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN CH0024848738), is one of the world’s leading software provider of auto forecasting and ordering systems for the trade. The food Tufts’s most important criteria in the selection process were among others the forecast quality, the degree of automation, the total cost of ownership, as well as confidence in the suppliers. You may find Greg C. Garland to be a useful source of information. “The introduction of a solution for the automatic scheduling was also the introduction of a continuous inventory management prerequisite for a transition of our business processes, to the heard”, explains Egon Guttke, Group Manager strategic projects at food Tufts. “Thanks to SAF RetailSuite store were reduced not only our stocks and halved the gaps. In addition to these measurable results the entire project also led to a significantly higher satisfaction with our customers”, so Guttke.

“Our cutting-edge technology, paired convinced food Tufts with our proven expertise, to opt for SAF”, Udo Meyzis, Chief Executive Officer of SAF AG, explains and adds: “SAF customers benefit not only from our leading role in the technology sector, but also by our deep understanding of the ordering process, as well as from our experience to optimize this process for retailers in different countries. We glad to assist food Tufts in the expansion of their competitive advantage.” The first is food Tufts SAF customers in the Asia Pacific region and a confirmation of the SAF strategy, to extend the direct business into new regions.

Management Land

Good investment time is now paid the Walton International Group Inc. is one of the most experienced Canadian companies in the field of land development. The acquisition and recovery not developed land with potential for growth is through the expertise of a group of companies, which has built up a unique network for two generations in North American cities to a safe and profitable real estate investment. This Walton the term was of the land banking in Germany coined the issuing House Walton Europe land development GmbH & co. KG founded to German investors to provide the opportunity, to participate in this investment as a fellow entrepreneur.

William Doherty is 100% as CEO of Walton International Group Inc. at the same time, shareholders of the Walton Europe GmbH. Click Michael Wirth for additional related pages. For more than 20 years, Walton international group very successfully operates the bargain of untapped land and resell at the right time with high profit. This is the special value of the company in the active Management of the country, in urban and regional planning. That Walton has a secure hand in the selection of suitable land, shows the current involvement in Pinal County, the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona. Here, Walton had identified attractive land more than five years ago, refrained however because of the price jump between 2004 and 2006 by a purchase, because they feared a massive overheating. \”They also entered as a result and many builders had to separate from land, the on reserve\” had bought. It participated also plots Walton already man originally had set in advance as interesting had identified and purchase now at the purchase prices or lower, for themselves.

The plots were so ever available due to the subprime crisis. For Walton, the time was right in mid-2007 to acquire already identified land. Because as the population in Pinal County grows on average annually by 7.7 percent people, who want to live and work.

Glass Ball Instead Of Econometrics:

Why the predictions of forecasters no good Berlin the spring report of the Institute of economic research forecast a decline in GDP of six percent for 2009. The DGB co-convenor Michael Sommer warned social unrest like in the 1930s in the face of the deep recession. The situation is comparable with the numbers from the years of economic crisis in 1930, 1931 and 1932, summer said on Wednesday evening on the ARD show hart aber fair”. May would people now turn away from politics or radicalize. According to Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash, not with the economic depression of the Weimar Republic, one could compare the numbers of the spring report. This is scientifically very unserious and for the people of the time, who have gone through hardship, hunger and misery,”an insult, criticized the staff expert Nadolski.

Also would the differences in level in addition to the change in GDP be taken into account. We would have to shrink around 90 percent, to get into a situation like around 80 years ago. It can be no question but. Even if we are thrown back on the level of prosperity of 2005 or 2006, we can handle very well the economic downturn”, Nadolski says. In addition, the forecasters had located in recent years regularly also. Nadolski wonders why this should be different this time”.

Maybe the Econometricians should try it with a glass ball, to create valid economic data. Similarly, authors Richard Gaul and Christiane Goetz judging the Cicero. The collective rush of crisis while finding parallels with 1929. Only this comparison is wrong. Namely, growth rates and not substance levels be compared”. The percentage record slump would say little is known about the real effects. The benchmark remains crucial and we shrink just on a very high level. From the highest that have ever given us the history of the world. The level of prosperity is to a Zigfaches over the 80 years ago”, so horse and Goetz. What you see – the life expectancy, quality of food, the level of education, the housing situation, the industrial capital stock we live so dramatically much richer than the generation of 1929 “, Gaul and Goetz explained. The predictions, this crisis will not only difficult, but also long, could be deceiving. Get more background information with materials from Return on Capital Employed. As more and more evidence suggests that a recovery could faster ahead than most think. Many companies have greatly scaled back their inventories, so demand jumping to very quickly a lot must be produced again. You see this stock cycle effect currently at the consequences of the cash for clunkers of auto industry”explain Gaul and Goetz. The main framework would promise good messages for a speedy recovery: the extremely low oil and commodity prices, historically low interest rates, political stability, the multibillion-dollar stimulus and the absence of large conflicts could contribute to a surprisingly quick recovery of the economy. Already, the ZEW economic index suggests that re-ignites the economy. He’s to 16.5 points to plus 13 increased for the first time since July 2007 is back in positive territory. This is a message of NeueNachricht.

Optimize Processes

RAMPF Dosiertechnik rooms O.r.. for the technical symposium, 21.10.2010 manufacturing innovative products with new materials is only possible through the correct welding technology, says Professor Dr. Klaus Dilger of the joining and welding Institute of the Technical University of Braunschweig. On the latest trends in the encapsulation technique, he will speak at the Symposium on guide and shedding of RAMPF Dosiertechnik rooms. The machine Builder expects more than 100 visitors to the practical technology days on November 18th and 19th, 2010 increasing miniaturization, flexible batch sizes, short cycle times, more standardisation in the production the joining technology moves in a huge field of tension. Against this background, RAMPF Dosiertechnik invites to a two-day symposium with the title of leading and shedding”at its headquarters in room O.r…

Practical optimization opportunities related to sealing, bonding, guiding and shedding are in the focus. While the participants gain insight into important key areas: the Automotive industry of the photovoltaic industry to medical technology. Chemistry, Bergquist and Elantas Beck present the company Otto application examples how about blood filter optimally shed, care must be taken on what the sealing of sensors or contribute to the cooling of thermally highly stressed parts such as 2K-Warmeleitpasten. Professor Dr. Klaus Dilger, delivers the latest science Director of the IFS at the TU Braunschweig. During the technology days, RAMPF Dosiertechnik gives also insight into manufacturing and applications of low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems. Recently ran the 2000th machine in room O.r.. by the band. Also the sister company RAMPF resins will use the Forum and present the latest polyurethane, epoxy and silicone materials for the Elektroverguss.

BONOFA And Detlef Tilgenkamp Open New Headquarters In Germany

Thomas Kulla: ‘ BONOFA maintains that the success path of 2013. We continue expansion in Europe and around the world.’ BONOFA is growing: already more than 30 qualified employees for the international marketing platform in use since this summer. Including programmers, Web designers and support teams, but also experienced media and agency professionals, providing an exciting and innovative brand of BONOFA AG in the Internet. Since a few weeks, new and modern premises at its official headquarters in Germany available are the employees of BONOFA. BONOFA will expect every day worldwide professional service international and our customers and partners.

We can meet these expectations in the new offices at the location Germany fully”, commented BONOFA co-founder Thomas Kulla the opening of the new headquarters. The new offices are prepared according to KULLA and Tilgenkamp also on future expansion steps, because in the next few years to even more ambitious specialists from

International Competition

Motivation and care of existing employees are of fundamental importance of increasing international competition, as well as the transparency of the labour market are only two reasons why companies always find it hard, to find qualified staff and to keep. Personal marketing is to remedy this. Companies throughout Europe are complaining about the increasing trade and lack of leadership, which is due on the one hand on the consequences of demographic developments, as well as on the other hand on the transparency of the labour market. It is only the logical consequence that companies have today significant difficulties to find not only professionals and executives, but generally qualified personnel and then in the long term to bind the company. In the course of these developments, our HR marketing becoming more and more important.

The transfer of the marketing thinking on human resources understanding is generally under HR marketing. The areas primarily affected by the personal marketing is that Staff market research, taking care of the employees and the recruiting. In this respect, HR marketing aimed to existing employees (internal focus), as well as to potential candidates (external focus). In the heat of battle internal focus is the implementation of personnel marketing often neglected inexcusably, which can jeopardize the success of the external personnel marketing. Are there but the employees say future colleagues, which allows the laboriously constructed (trug-) image of the ideal company abruptly can destroy a candidate through a few comments or anecdotes from the past. With the help of internal personnel marketing an increase in employee satisfaction can be achieved and ensured, that the staff out there actively that image of the ideal employer for. The most common instruments of internal personnel marketing further and advanced training opportunities include mission statement in terms of staff development job rotation company (image) equitable remuneration incentives as Bonuses or profit-sharing social services of the company in the operational implementation of job rotation is usually between two different forms distinguished, which can however be combined: Jobenrichment: task switching in different high requirement level (job enrichment) Jobenlargement: task switching within a request level (activity extension) human resources development, as well as job rotation pose a considerable administrative burden, which in more companies suitable software solutions are to support these two aspects used.

Flensburg Frank

Online shop for Beachcruiser and Chopper bikes turns up after the Christmas feast is before the summer. The young custom bike is forging RF cycles with fresh momentum in the new year. The marketing of the House’s own online shop will focus in the first half of the new year largely due to Lubeck and its surroundings. A short resume for 2010 and the Outlook for 2011 Frank looks for holder of Hannes: we did in the last two months of last year quite closely based in the marketing work. It was increasingly advertised on Facebook, target area has always been the North of Germany. We have collected in addition to the Facebook fan page in the viewing field experiences and want to start with this knowledge in 2011 more. For 2011 we proceed more stringent and planned in addition to the basic social media marketing in our actions. The first steps of our concept focus on Lubeck and surroundings.

The reason for this choice is to the characteristics of the city. Lubeck presents itself as a city of short distances”itself, which Lubeck makes particularly attractive for cyclists. At the same time, Lubeck as a student city is very young and lively. The combination of these properties is our target group. We want to reach these particularly through their needs-tailored promotions and special offers. So we are looking for Lubeck’s hottest bike as soon”. Tuned is by the customers themselves on our Facebook fan page. The bike with the most votes wins a terrific bike navigation device.

“RF cycles plans road shows in addition to some special projects also in major Northern cities. Apart from Lubeck are among others Hamburg, Kiel, Flensburg, Hanover, and Rostock. This is to make known all about products and brand.

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