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Market Scan And Streaming Input

Analysis of Yandex.Direct shows the number of queries on the subject compares with themes such as "electronic archive", "business automation", "document management" – all these concepts are inextricably linked between them. What is the proposal to service scanning and document capture streaming? What problems are encountered? – Overall organization of electronic archives, which, besides, Scanning Services, require a flexible and powerful Software, such as an electronic archive of documents. – Scanning of financial records should be geographically distributed companies (head office in Moscow, a network of factories in Russia), undergoing frequent tax inspections, or having a centralized financial statements. – Scan the design documentation must design organizations. – Scanning personnel records, a mandatory retention period of 10 to 70 years and more – to quickly find the information is very important to have the documents in electronic form. – Scan the books, as well as retrospective conversion library catalogs – one of the major problems at the state level is necessary to preserve a prisoner in the books of cultural and intellectual heritage and opportunities for quick access.

– Data input, as with paper and with scanned documents – one of the most laborious tasks in the implementation of any system workflow. Companies that represent their interests in this sector can be divided into several groups: – Software developers – they can be attributed to the developers and implementers of systems electronic workflow for a separate system developers ocr (OCR). – Vendors of specialized hardware, supplying bond and book scanners, storage systems, server hardware, a direct interest in the early informatization of society and the transition to electronic document management – System integrators, address a broad spectrum of it needs, from consulting to implementation of specific document management systems are most often the main performers on the large state budget projects related to electronic document. – Large foreign companies that have extensive experience working with documents and ready to introduce the advanced world experience working with documents in Russia, a vivid example of how companies – Xerox. – Small companies, often from printing, record keeping, archiving, willing to learn new parallel business lines. The emergence of market scanning and capture streaming has attracted a multitude of organizations that create a competitive environment, and therefore can be considered professionals not only large companies with global known, but recently appeared organization, managed to succeed through the use of advanced technology, quality equipment, careful selection of software.

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