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In these times of rapid change, short advantages, technological inventions, strong competitors, changing markets and demanding customers who are the everyday challenges that tested all organizations and employers today. The only way to deal with this is to give people tools so they can reinvent principles, processes and practices to adapt quickly to this that is the new era, where we know change in the blink of an eye, it leaves behind organizations that do not fit and every time gets smaller the margin of error. By this I mean that innovation provides a unique opportunity to create an advantage to anyone who can handle it correctly, these companies become leaders, not followers, who invented, who set the tone for what will be how to do things the other morning and just imitate. Innovation is a great complement to strategic planning by creating a valuable synergy for any company, this new era's most successful companies are the pioneers in innovation, have it as part of its corporate culture and see it as a prerequisite, the challenges in turbulent times can only be overcome through innovation. Having said all this, we can say that the only way that Mexico really is a change in the way we produce, to generate more businesses and jobs is through innovation, but how do we innovate?, One of the pillars Innovation is important for education and with an average level of 8.3 grade levels in men and 7.9 in women we are lagging behind in this important aspect for all countries. .

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