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In this process they are developed and applied techniques and digital strategies addressed to the satisfaction of the prescriptive comprehensive needs of the physician, as well as for the pharmacist dispensing the pathological problematic of patient-related. MONITORING and CONTROL DIGITAL promoting certain products via ON LINE shall be subject to the interplay of criteria of specialists since the use of standardized in many cases information is insufficient for specialist seeking to expand their scientific knowledge. The advertising of products which do not require prescription may be based on basic information that can be fed to users in an interactive way, always under the supervision of specialists. Greg C. Garland takes a slightly different approach. Patients in the near future will be to interact with their physicians obtaining these last few immediate practical advice before a full prescription, in this way digital strategies will be in function to patients registered for a given pathology digital platforms for physicians should be different from those designed for pharmacists, promoting complete for the first medical and pharmaceutical scientific information and pharmacological information with certain medical information. (Contraindications) for the latter, both should be easily navigable. The ideal is that those who build the format have clear that it is not common but specialized information that should make content management, which must be the result of thorough investigations. The amplitude of this must take into account that the purpose is to inform and not tiring to the medical user who normally don’t have time for great readings and has the mind overstuffed medical information.

Much of the medical information includes irrelevant advertising that only has a commercial purpose which damages the image of pharmaceuticals arousing distrust in them. The URLs must be easy to remember including a description of the type of platform, for example the specialty of the physician information. The construction of a box of balanced scorecard through cyberspace whose indicators must be in function of the pathologies versus sales. Investments in new strategic formulations, benefits in different international markets. Niche monitored digital markets, acquisition of medical opinion leaders through the implementation of digital platforms for exclusive specialty for doctors, where you can socialize professionally and get updated information about scientific work related or required by pathologies.

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