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During already many decades it has been mentioned the importance of the leadership in our surroundings without mattering of the type of the leadership, but the leadership like so. Others who may share this opinion include Mitchel Resnick. Although we understand to the leadership as the clear influence of an individual one on others, we must understand the means that this individual must to exert it. The leaders and not those that are boasted to say that they are it, but who exert really, leave it to a legacy with vision and sights of future and development. The key of the success of the great leaders is not a magical key and much less some mathematical form is that they feel passion by everything what they do. That is to say, because through the motivation they manage to transmit positive messages that persuade or influence the people who want to follow it by conviction and to that is very not convinced. A true leader knows itself itself, recognizes his limitations, is coherent, trusts his abilities, potentialises his strengths, diminishes the difficulties with the analysis of solutions, has ability to control his feelings and instinctive impulses of reasonable and balanced form but because it turns out excellent to emphasize his qualities, because the motor of its being is its ethics, the values acquired during its life, family, school, etc.

The main paper of a leader consists of developing a leadership based on principles that serves as model and of guide for the other people, individuals or followers, in this sense, the principles are a set of natural laws that deepen on the essence of the things and indicate deep truths of universal character. Also, they are defined as a series of directives of the human conduct that are important and that have a permanent and lasting value. The leadership focused in values or better known in the today world as ethical leadership is not something optative but must be applied, people are not so ingenuous with the past at the present time to the leader demands themselves to him to be an exemplary person and worthy to be followed, that is to say, the perspective to have a leader that guides no longer she is enough. Without values that are visible to others, a leader cannot hope to reach any type of objective, or personal, organizational or social aim either. By the previous thing I can conclude commenting following each leader needs to adopt within itself a system of values that serves or the greater one, is not needed to be an extraordinary nor full being of virtues but of values that can grow or decrease with reinforcing of the soul.

Compassion And Generosity

I have put the title of Compassion and Generosity, but also it could have been Solidarity and Empathy, or To be human and to demonstrate it. Because I am going away to refer the situation that is being lived at world-wide level, in which we were many people begging, or without daring to say it or shouting it in the street with its sad gesture and its sonrojada glance fleeing to the ground, and its extended hand, trembly and shamed. We see dresses them of its poverty and its misfortune, taking to hills, like a cross, its bad luck or the few opportunities that the life has given them, with its full past of emptinesses and grief, their destitute present, and a future that does not dare to appear in view of which it hopes to him next to those people. We see humiliated, showing them to its misfortune and its shortage, with fear in the eyes, almost requesting excuses not to be around the rest, over which yes we prevailed or at least we create therefore it and we pretended, teaching its failure to us with hard crudity. Often I have lucubrated envelope what must feel one person who decides that on the following day she will go out, it will be placed in a corner, and, perhaps made kneel, it will extend the suplicante hand.

What must feel each one of the seconds that happen asking. How many watched from scorn it will receive and what few of love or consolation. One will feel left by God, and repudiada by the amiable destiny? , It will think about his parents and their loved beings, that without a doubt they will suffer by her, or will think only about which has not been able to occur to itself or to its children? , It will conclude with the thought, atrocious and tremendous, but perhaps real, of which to not it must nothing him to the life? How many times we found out that there is people malviviendo, needing attention and food, and we remained without doing nothing except for supporting, brief and slightly, a pity pinch, and to ask to our God that never we see ourselves in that situation.

Europe Industries

The gotten resources would serve to the implantation of industries work-intensive that they would help in the insertion of parcels of groups 1 and 2 in the exploitation of the conquests of the economic development. Valley to remember that this parcel of the society concentrated 90% of the population, however making use only of 58,7% of the income total4. This process of income redistribution would take TIME and the military regimen needed results macroeconomic and social, if possible, fastest possible. The process of substitution of the importations took care of the industries of simple good, as txteis and foods, whereas in the modernization of the national industry, the implemented plant was capital-intensive, producing good of high aggregate value and destined to the middle classes and high. Products as automobiles, recorders ‘ ‘ hi-fi’ ‘ , machines to wash, for example, were produced by these sophisticated dynamic industries and each time more.

The proposal of Stolen would affect the consumers of these products (valuation of the income) e, not if it must forget, the regimen was lead for members of middle class and supported by the high classroom. Then, what one became was to equally stimulate the concentration of the income in the expectation of that at some time the Brazilian economy would go to incorporate the excluded ones (1 group and part of 2), as what it occurred in the industrial revolution in Europe and the USA. However the new industrial plant was capital-intensive, while in European and American, work-intensive industrialization. This process of concentration was defended by Dolphin, alleging that she was necessary to make ‘ ‘ bolo’ ‘ to grow stops later dividiz it. Picture I – PROFILE OF the GLOBAL DEMAND IN BRAZIL Groups % of the Population Population (1.000) percapita Income (US$) total Income (US$1.000, 00) % of the income 1 50 45,000 130 5,850 18,6 2 40 36,000 350 12,600 40.1 3 9 8,100 880 7,128 22,7 4 1 900 6,500 5,850 18,6 Total 100 90,000 350 31,428 100 the model of Netto Dolphin, benefiting the income concentration, had the objective to keep the demand of the goods and services produced for companies who used tip technology. These modern the new period initiated in 1964 as basic step to the guard of the national sovereignty and replacement of Brazil in the way of the development.

The construction of the transamaznica highway, megalmica workmanship, served to keep the spirit of the defense of the domestic territory in high, as well as effectively announced a construction the height of one ‘ ‘ great governo’ ‘ , as it was Belm-Brasilia for the Juscelino government.

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