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LED Lamps

The company LED LEUCHTMITEL ERFURT offers a variety of LED lamps for the household and applies to company press release LED the EU-wide ban on incandescent bulbs Erfurt since 1 Sep 2009. It regulates the gradual replacement of conventional light bulb. First of all no frosted lamps and no light bulbs with more than 75 watts in the trade may be placed. The sale of remaining stock is still possible for the dealer. In four further stages should then all light bulbs will be banned until 2012 and the consumer completely on alternatives have increased to. Consumers are confused what now is a good alternative.

Environmentalists warn that energy-saving lamps are a danger to health and the environment. The proportion of mercury in CFLs is legally limited to 5 mg, cheap imports from China have been identified up to 12 mg. Please visit Ann Davies if you seek more information. Is an energy-saving lamp to the floor and shatters, spread the toxic fumes and the neurotoxin mercury is stored with insufficient ventilation in the body. Health problems are then inevitable. For jobs, energy-saving lamps are also unsuitable because the electro-smog, a distance must be maintained at least 1.5 m.

Another disadvantage of energy-saving lamps is that not in the household waste can be disposed of them in the hazardous waste must be. Many traders don’t even take back defective bulbs. LED bulbs are a genuine alternative, they deliver the same brightness as conventional incandescent lamps, consume but more than one-tenth of the energy. The service life of incandescent lamps amounted to 1000 hours, convincing energy-saving lamp with up to 40000 hours 8000 hours and the LED lights and the so far with a power consumption depending on the run from 1 to 5 watts. Above all LED bulbs contain no harmful mercury and are easier to recycle. You need no warm-up period and reach their brightness instantly. LED bulbs are extremely robust, have a low energy consumption and little heat. You can’t so only cost savings, but they are a milestone in the preservation of our environment. LED bulbs have no UV/IR radiation and do not bleach materials. The company LED LEUCHTMITEL ERFURT offers a variety of LED light sources for the household and for companies. Or ball lamp, candle lamp, pin lamp, recessed spot light bar, there are LED bulbs for almost any version and almost every field of application… A comparison, a light bulb, 60W, spent so far only about 5 W are with LED light sources. In a life of 40000 hours, this is a real win for the consumer and the environment. LED ILLUMINANT ERFURT offers to the consumer also product demonstrations, to show the possibilities for the use of LED light sources. Website: Www.led-leuchtmittel-erfurt.de you can using a savings calculator calculate the consumption of a light bulb and energy-saving lamp in comparison to LEDs and order the appropriate LED light sources. LED ILLUMINANT ERFURT opts for premium – quality products from LICHTFUXX – the Environment friend light.

WELTEC Biogas Plant Certified

“Biogas efficiency successfully tested the WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH, Vechta was by the German agricultural society with the DLG FokusTest mark” award. Friends of the Earth has similar goals. A key objective of the test was to determine how effective the biogas plant breaks down organic solids and thus total carbon, order to gain biogas. With the obtained biogas yield was compared with the maximum possible amount of biogas. Results: the rate of degradation of organic dry matter was 83.9%, the specific gas yield 81.5 percent. BP Energy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. All values on the remained velvety constant history testing of just 147 days. For the energy consumption, a reduction was to determine what is due to the optimization of the mixer settings. For the electrical consumption of the biogas production, 2.6 percent had to be used up; the electrical energy required for the introduction of solids was 3.77 kilowatt hours per tonne of solids. The examination of the rate of degradation and the biogas yield were over a period of time carried out between May and October 2010 on a 500 kW biogas plant in Wiefelstede in Oldenburg.

There appears to the fermentation mainly manure and corn silage. The proportion of these two substrates increased during the test from 65 to 90 percent. To a lesser extent still duck manure, corn-Crob mix and silage were used. 736.773 standard cubic meters of biogas were produced during the entire audit period. With modern instrumentation and practical testing methods, the DLG test engineers provide product developments and innovations regularly on the bench. It serves the DLG FokusTest”product differentiation and advertising interesting innovations. After the main focus of the DLG FokusTest is information the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft “on the qualitative criteria of product testing. The test concludes with the publication of the report and the award of the mark.

Hot Water Consumes

Hot water is the second largest energy consumer in German households / expert tips help save Berlin, June 9, 2011. ation. Who wants to make a personal contribution to the energy revolution, can accomplish much in the saving of hot water. Because in an average home, the warm water is the second largest energy consumer and accounts for 12 percent of the total energy consumption; Lighting, however, only one percent. However, water saving technology ekes out a niche while energy-saving lamps are on everyone’s lips. Energiesparcup competition sponsored by the European Commission”will help consumers with practical tips and information on energiesparcup.de now the sink of hot water consumption.

Participants of the contest can win also twenty water saving kits with modern technology. The Energiesparcup motivated citizens in 11 European countries and regions with valuable prizes and action weeks to save energy. For the German team is open to every household, the registration is done on energiesparcup.de. A quarter of the cost for hot Water savers without loss of comfort with small changes in behavior and simple technical solutions. Here to access the German Energiesparcup team under the arms, we are giving away 20 sets with efficient technical assistants”, says project manager of the European Energiesparmeisterschaften, Claudia Julius. Topic special offers practical savings tips as in hot water can save energy and water, shows a topical theme special on the contest page.

The seven best tips at a glance: hot water is used more efficiently showers and body care with saving shower heads and flow limiters. The easy-to-install technology optimizes the stream of water, without any loss of comfort. At five minutes daily showers, 16,500 gallons of water and around 160 euros can be saved in the year. Mini fountains on the shower hose check seals, dripping taps and leaking cisterns waste litres water. Blame, porous or calcified seals are mostly.

First Energy Summit

VRE and GE Energy Europe’s future plans for green energy at regional level Cologne, PowerGen Europe work together to help – the Assembly of European regions (AER) and GE Energy have the \”Energy Summit of European regions\” (European regions Energy Summit) a joint initiative launched, to move forward in the field of energy challenges that face the European regions today to deal with the possible solutions. The \”Energy Summit of European regions\” is the first Summit that will bring together regional decision makers and European energy experts. He will be annually held from the end of April 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. The Summit is aimed to deliver regional answers to current challenges in terms of energy and to prepare the future of regional energy for future generations. Economic efficiency, security of supply and environmental protection are the biggest challenges facing the regions. The European regions play an important role in the choice the energy solutions which are implemented within their territory.

By working with GE Energy in Europe and around the world, company established one – is the Assembly of European regions to the unique interface between world-renowned energy experts and regional public policy makers. It aims to support the energy – and environmental strategy of the European Union, as well as to allow the creation of an outstanding Centre of expertise, which provides solutions in the field of energy for all European regions. Every year, this Summit will represent the end of the previous year’s activities of Aer energy, and the various stakeholders be informed about the solution methods, developed through \”Peer Reviews\” (expert assessments), and in seminars. In 2009, Aer will perform four \”Peer Reviews\” that have aimed to evaluate energy issues in the guest areas and develop suggestions for improvement. The \”Energy Summit of European regions\” will then technical Experts, including experts from GE Energy, and decision makers examine the various specific responses that were developed during the \”Peer Reviews\”, and make concrete proposals for technological energy solutions.

Solar Thermal Systems

How come still on a promotion of solar thermal systems. The market incentive program for renewable energies was discontinued. What now? Without a doubt, the promotion of solar thermal systems was a good investment. But in times of scarce funds the Federal Government wanted to provide more no funds. And while the environmental conserving? but now without government support. This means that the BAFA processes any new applications since May 4 and grants no allowances for investment. Many homeowners are wondering whether a conversion to solar energy is still worthwhile.

The answer is clearly yes. Because there is still support for solar thermal systems. The chimney world company from Gelsenkirchen continues to be a promotion way homeowners. A strategy was developed in consultation with various manufacturers, this homeowners allows to compensate the State subsidies and still so much money. Interested homeowners can free of charge by phone at 0209 /. 95 68 0-840 or inform on site in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on the promotion. So a quick information can be obtained the following information should be kept ready. House size in QM number of persons in the household of ceiling height in the basement flat roof or gable roof on the basis of this information the necessary procurement, cost and promotions specialists are calculated.

Software GmbH Stefan Rocker

Open source document management system agorum resources sustainably to handle core, restores company always new challenges. Because, as every single person, every company has an ecological footprint, to keep it small. Promotes for example by an environmentally friendly infrastructure belongs to the hardware not only sustainably produced, but also software, an economical use of resources. The document management system agorum core, for example, offers ways to save paper and ink. Because companies can quite simply already reduce the paperwork through the electronic storage of documents. Ostfildern 29.08.2013 the ecological footprint is for the consumption of resources such as paper and energy of people, institutions and companies in everyday life and is an indicator of sustainability. To keep the footprint small, many companies it is important to note but a voluntary contribution for one not only environmental laws sustainable environmental development to provide. An approach that effectively and deliberately to act, is a document management system.

Because already the mere filing and management of documents in an electronic system allows to reduce paper consumption and the ecological footprint, because information can be provided so almost completely digital. The DMS agorum core also offers the ability to digitize entire document-related processes, for example the audit. Company is thus able to align the processes not only more efficient, but completely paper-free to implement. Often, documents such as invoices are no longer printed out in every single Department, which is involved in the process, and filed. This saves paper and needed fewer cartridges that may be harmful to the environment when not friendly disposal.

The agorum Software GmbH is a positive example of a virtually paperless office. Because the own DMS as a central platform for documents and internal company workflows used. Also office furniture also reduced the carbon footprint: the DMS manufacturer uses, for example, energy saving desk lamps. Document management system agorum core: the agorum Software GmbH is the manufacturer of the open source document management system agorum core. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013, because it exists since 1998 in Ostfildern/Nellingen, close to Stuttgart Airport. From 2002 the development of agorum core started in 2008 the two Managing Directors decided Rolf lang and Oliver Schulze, the DMS to provide open source software. Since then, agorum has established core as a highly flexible and easy to use document management system/enterprise-content-management-system in the market. Distributed and integrated is the DMS directly from the manufacturer or through the approx. 50 contractual partners in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Switzerland.

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