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With Nintendo DS

Virtual Mr Knigge teaches etiquette whether Dr. Kawashimas brain jogging, English courses or the number puzzle Sudoku. The portable Nintendo DS is known for their valuable educational games. The new etiquette course shows that they addressed not only to children, playing to the good behaviour”. The free online auction site auvito.de the game presents.

No matter whether it relates to the job interview, dinner with business partners or the first visit to the in-laws: adequate consultation is there always asked, but seemingly not more each in the cradle. Instead of pulling the dusty Knigge from the Bookshelf, he brings those now his Nintendo DS console from the bag. For even more opinions, read materials from Royal Dutch Shell. A virtual Lord etiquette the etiquette school put him in a course designed as a trip around the world on the latest. So visited the student world cities with his teacher along with their famous sons and daughters, get to know classical music and wines from certain regions. At the same time, he learns how he saves as cultural missteps in foreign countries. Also the classics, such as the correct behaviour in the upscale gastronomy and appropriate conduct in the bereavement, belong to the Repertoire of digital etiquette. In 21 mini-games, the player tests the learned. For this, no big time is necessary.

Course and games are designed so that they serve during the bus ride, or during the lunch break as a pastime. The game is as entertaining, should be seen off by hours cramming of the rules of etiquette rather. The Nintendo DS game is very text-heavy, the eyes are quickly overloaded. However, it is an alternative to the costly manners course with a real teacher. The game is available and suitable for players aged 14 and above for about 40 euro in trade. More information: presse.html contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

3 Slim Buy PlayStation

The new PlayStation unveiled at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany General information on the PlayStation 3 slim and buying tips Sony 3 slim. Learn what are the improvements over the old version. More space one of the biggest improvements that immediately catches the eye is the advanced space of the hard disk. The new PlayStation 3 slim offers the 120 GB version with maximum 40 GB more disk space than the original 80 GB. But no real reason to buy a new console 40 GB more. Therefore, there is recently a further version, the PlayStation 3 slim 250 GB.

So what has improved yet? Really energy-efficient? The energy consumption of the PlayStation to be received according to Sony strongly down 3 slim. The Chief of the PlayStation 3 slim development, Kaz Hirai, at Gamescom a power consumption reduced by 34% announced, what one should enjoy with caution however. On paper, the PlayStation 3 slim needs 250 Watts. The old PS3 slim in the test but needed something less than 180 Watts. New tests suggest that the PlayStation 3 slim under 100 Watts consumes what would mean that the numbers were wrong, and the PlayStation 3 slim eats actually far less power. New features thanks to the new firmware the PlayStation 3 slim will be delivered with the new firmware 3.0.

In it such as the BRAVIA sync function is installed: If you connect the PlayStation 3 slim via HDMI cable to a Sony BRAVIA TV set, it is possible to control it using the remote control of the TV set through the menu and for example TV and PS3 at the same time the standby to mode. It sounds like nice features to the but also for the owners of a normal PlayStation 3 type is, because the firmware update 3.0 is free download for all PS3 owners. No Linux more unfortunately has been a nifty feature removes the latest iteration of the PlayStation 3. The ability to play the Linux operating system on the console is no longer given. Sony’s rationale for this step is that it is with the PlayStation 3 slim by now on the gaming, as well as the Advanced entertainment area want to focus. A Linux is there seemingly rather inconvenient. Conclusion: Tip! The new PlayStation 3 slim compared to the old 80 GB version has quite a few advantages. In addition to the advanced space and new firmware 3.0, it is mainly attrktiv, because it much more energy efficient than its predecessor. Also the console game operation is quieter and won’t be long as hot as it was the case in the original version. But the biggest difference is probably the design. The PS3 slim is smaller, slimmer and more compact. So much better fit in the one or the other living room closet. The noble piano lacquer is no longer available, but also has its advantages – no finger prints more.

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