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Wild Herbs: Weeds Or Wild Herb?

Is the old name of “Weeds” for our wild herbs still correct? Which plants as weeds “that is very clear and obvious for many people: stinging nettle, yarrow, or dandelion are such weeds in their eyes and have these ugly plants in a stylish garden actually finding anything.” Your only task is to believers in classical weed to turn our beautiful meadows, parks and gardens in a thicket of ugly and to expel the ornamental plants aesthetic to many from these areas. Who however closer thinks about the topic of weeds wild herbs, which will quickly determine that these unloved plants very well have their raison d ‘ etre. Many of them have healing properties. What would our natural doctors and health practitioners without the blutreinigenden nettle which digestive Yarrow or the hemostatic St. John’s wort be? And even the inconspicuous daisies, the many lawn owners regularly with its tiny flowers, annoys, has healing properties (stimulating the appetite)! Who takes the so called weeds so more closely scrutinized and tracking their positive and beneficial properties, which will very quickly realize that the term weed for most of these plants is completely wrong and misleading. It would be much more appropriate to classify plants according to their application: clear: on the grass of Wimbledon or the baroque garden Daisy nor nettle have to look for something. “In the monastery garden, however, the situation is completely one other: here often precisely those crops due to its healing effects -, the many people as weeds” bezeichen. Lucky way today deploys a rethink in the wake of the environmental movement and the formerly so unpopular weeds celebrate their comeback as weeds! Raphael Balogun

Damp Wood Is Pure Poison For Every Furnace

Heating with wood is thanks to rising oil prices again in vogue. Heating with wood is thanks to rising oil prices again in vogue. But do not know what many owners of a wood-burning stove or a wood heating: damp firewood not only unnecessarily harms the environment by the emergence of toxic fumes and gases, but is pure poison for your furnace or heating. Is the residual moisture content of wood still over 20 percent, so the soot from furnace with chimney in danger. For even more analysis, hear from Gazprom. The consequences can be in addition to the damage to your health and your purse, ugly dark spots and unpleasant smell in the heated living space. As a rule of thumb: felled firewood must be stored usually about two years, to fall short of the residual moisture content of 20%.

Briquettes for example, achieve a residual moisture content of only about 10 percent. The residual moisture content of firewood it is low, the energy output and thus the heating performance is higher. It will burn more evenly, developed a long lingering embers and ensures permanently warmth. Also you eh not like annoys is about excessive smoke and badly burning wood because of too much moisture. The solution is cheap and reliable! A so-called wood moisture meter determines the current moisture content of measured firewood reliably within a few seconds. A variety of wood types are supported, also of wood moisture meter is splash-resistant and features a backlit of digital display to read the result in the dark. So you are always on the safe side and can be a maximum energy yield and protect your oven safe.

Matching Mattresses And Slatted Frames For Each Bed

What is it really when purchasing a mattress mattresses should be always well tailored to the respective beds with slatted bases. Bed accessories should make nowhere quality cuts in favor of a cheaper price in the interest of own health. Read more here: The Hague. Today, memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses are the most common products because they offer a high comfort. Who would like to have expert advice for the products of many mattress manufacturers, should pay a visit to an expert Matratzenshop. Who would like to find the right model in the online shop, should consult also. Offer the dealer locally and on the Internet you will find also a wide selection of good bed frames. As useful guides for sale you can use also the info on mattresses in the test itself.

Who wants to buy very cheap online, which does not get around an extensive price comparison. Who would like to treat yourself to something particularly good, should look for adjustable slatted frames and mattresses with several zones of hardness from the outset. An optimal combination to favor of Schalfkomforts you get only if you buy good pillows and high-quality duvets. A high degree of durability for the benefit of a thorough cleaning should be in deciding to buy bed accessories in the foreground. Who wants to protect itself before the mites lurking everywhere and his good mattresses from dust, which should buy removable and washable covers. Intoh Marketing GmbH


Gabions, the protective elements of the latest generation, not only for fulfilment, but amaze by their diversity. Gabions are baskets made from solid bar mats, which are filled with stones. The particularly clever in this solution: the homeowners decide on the color, style, and size of the stones themselves according to their personal tastes and their own ideas. So the gabions can either visually from the other stone items around the House stand out or be integrated inconspicuously. Gabions fit in anywhere, are robust and impress with their almost unlimited design and application possibilities: they are suitable as a privacy screen, Windbreak or decorative element as well as a letter box pillar or bench. The combination of gabions with materials such as bamboo, glass or metal is attractive: the privacy becomes a decorative element in this way. Its height and length can be chosen as the filling.

Besides the gabions are also Visual and panels made of wood, Plastic, glass, concrete and aluminium in different colors, shapes and sizes to the core competencies of the fencing team. The company offers the largest selection of Visual and noise protection solutions and garden fences in German-speaking countries. The experienced staff advises each customer individually, whether locally or in the fence market. Because the fencing team’s emphasis that the privacy of its customers is perfectly protected, also visually is much noise and privacy and he also blends into the environment. The fence specialist is extensively represented at 66 locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The well structured website and the free brochure with 180 pages provide a quick overview of the large range.

Upholstery Fabrics

So you have charisma and comfort – long pleasure. Upholstery fabrics and upholstery fabrics provide an individual ambience and lend an individual touch to each spatial. In the realization of the idea of a living or in setting up hotels and restaurants they play a major role; Here, emphasis is placed on quality and comfort. EOG Resources Inc. gathered all the information. Quality fabrics are available for Wolstand and culture and are used very vielseitg, so it is not surprising that the requirements on Heimtextilen are very diverse. If you again want to brighten up a whole sofa in your living room and a kitchen corner bench or your garden furniture with a new upholstery fabric, for every purpose there is the right quality. The variety of designs offers the ideal fabric for every taste. Depending on the intended use, the choice of the right fabric is critical to its longevity. So that you will have long-lasting pleasure with your upholstery fabric, you can refer basically buying according to following criteria: resistance durability a Reference substance specified in rubs, the procedure used at the most determined according to the inventor of Martindale abrasion resistance.

The higher the barn tour, the fabric is more resilient. This guideline can be, for example, for large families or households with dog or cat of importance. Here a small overview of the widespread values: 10,000 rubs, light load, private use 15,000 rubs, normal load, private use 20,000 rubs, regular load, public use 30,000, intense distress, public use light fastness light fastness is very important for use in outdoor applications, mostly for garden furniture, but also furniture protected winter garden, suffering from exposure to direct sunlight because textile fabrics. Dark colors change faster than lighter through the effects of light. The evaluation of color fastness of textiles compared with the daylight is classified in a scale from 1 to 8, with 1 the worst and 8 represents the best light touch. There is however no general protection against fading.

Rub fastness the fastness to rubbing is the resistance of the color of dyed or printed fabrics from a rubbing off or staining on other fabrics. The assessment is carried out in 5 levels of authenticity, where level “5” means a very high resistance to rubbing and level “1” a very low. Pillbildung certain textiles are particularly susceptible to formation of lint or small nodules caused by chafing with other materials on the surface. The scale of the standard pilling tests for upholstery ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 for maximum resistance. Each cuddly fabric and the longer the greater the yarn, usually the danger of Pillbildung, where this does not compromise the quality of the material. Tear a value of, for example, in the choice of faux leather is very interesting. It is the resistance which opposes the tearing the fabric of a previously cut textile area. Ever higher the value is even more resistant against tearing of the fabric. Ensure that the broadcasting and the quality of the reference substance is safe handling in connection with the correct cleaning and care of the material of great importance. We wish you a long textile pleasure with our tips!

Martina Frenzel

The sauna stove is the warmth of the stones and the Environment. Burner and fan are located outside the sauna room, in a separate room. The combustion air can run to the furnace of the entryway, the surrounding area of the building or through a concentric flue system. The resulting fumes into the open can be inserted via a flue. The use of a Kusatherm sauna gas brings cost savings of up to $10,000 per year. Continue to learn more with: Michael Wirth. The costs pay for themselves after less than one and a half years. These numbers refer to a 50 kilowatt furnace. Expected to end, this means that the operating costs of a sauna by up to 70 percent compared to an electric furnace with the same output can be reduced.

In addition, gas, the emission values of CO2 by up to 66 percent are reduced through the use of the fuel. So join economic objective in an impressive manner with ecological responsibility. The advantages of gas are not only on the side of the operator of a sauna. The sauna guest feels anything, he gets a pleasant, mild climate with same heat emission and an infusion of Top-class. Switching to gas is the answer to the question of cost for sauna installations. Because in addition the attractiveness of an adventure pool, fitness and sauna centre is enhanced, the operator, the guest and the environment have all something like this. The company Kusatek delivers and this supervised everything from one source – from planning to commissioning. Contact: Kusatek sauna technology and Wellnessprodukte Bernd Kuntz Thyssen str. 15 b 48703 Stadtlohn 02563/90530-0 description of the company which is founded in KUSATEK sauna technology in 1996 with headquarters in Stadtlohn for over 15 years gas sauna heaters here. In Europe, Kusatek is the only manufacturer with certified sauna furnaces with a heater power 24 kW.


Garage door opener to the self build home who sits still no garage door opener, should even consider whether it would not make sense to buy such a. It makes life easier and you have always dry feet in the future, if you want the car to the House. Here, then no garage must be opened manually, but a small button is sufficient and the door or the garage opens completely automatically. Others who may share this opinion include Tufan Erginbilgic. Without that hard work his powers. You need to do that you have to buy a new garage and the installation is compiled here also worry about.

You can install if one has a little technical skill, completely independently this garage door opener. Buying a new garage no need to, you can apply the new drives also older garages. On the other hand, the installation is not difficult and explains about the instruction manual very simplified. Who is still uncertain, has someone in his circle of acquaintances who can assist you in the installation with high degree of certainty. How to reach fast to his garage door operator and must not necessarily ask a specialist company with the installation. It makes sense but in a specialist shop to buy. Here, the consumer gets approved goods. With goods from abroad, this is usually not the case. Something breaks then, it has left as a customer and get no warranty. In the trade, this is something else, if concluded, the damage here not by installing a new garage door opener will be supplied. An Exchange can then occur without major problems and you have an automatic garage opener soon.

Construction Sites

Bring your work to a pleasant temperature. The season according to it is now significantly colder. Unfortunately also on construction sites and work in unheated halls and premises. So some activity on a shell or in a production hall would be easier if only one heater. There are corresponding devices in principle in two versions: either oil and gas or if the security provisions not otherwise allow with power operated, so electric heaters. Each of these two ranges has its advantages and disadvantages. Clearly for the variant oil heating speaks, that it works more efficiently and brings a significantly higher heat output. “Also contributes to the better effectiveness, that a mobile oil heater just faster” is.

Our top equipment by Kroll and Antares have proven themselves many years in use on construction sites, warehouses and marquees. The technology and comfort of our top equipment is now so far that a reliably functioning thermostat depending on the temperature Default is constant. Thus, you save time and oil. Adequate ventilation is provided, also gas heaters are recommended. They also have a high degree of efficiency and are seemingly no longer away from sectors, like for example, gardeners with their greenhouses and masonry works in the shell. The electric version is recommended primarily for small and medium-sized unheated rooms. Everywhere, where oil and gas heaters are unwanted or not approved, electric heaters are performing their service reliably.

These models also have a thermostat, which provides a safe and effective use. If you are still not sure which heater for them and their projects is right, just ask us!. Benefit not only from our good prices but also by our many years of experience. We advise you gladly!

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