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Economic Context

The quality can be understood as the outstanding attributes of a product or service in connection with another, if we take this term and, in turn, accept the principles of productivity as the distinguished characteristics in the market we can ask: how can foist quality concepts to life, humans and nature, if not involved in its creation the hand of man? What regulations govern the quality of life, human beings and the environment? It is understandable and a duty that governments around the world, political and ideological agenda that is, try to improve the living conditions of citizens, but the call quality of life assigns a cost to its implementation as happens with human beings and nature. We accept that resources (resource are all elements which utilize to achieve a goal) and we quote in the market, namely: MAN – NATURE – WORK priceless, may or may not be profitable, then within the context of the economy can consider a system in which to develop a currency that sustains the ability of human beings in the goods of nature, the payoff is obvious, although a college degree is required to improve the quality, why is obvious profitability?, because a human being after learning to read and write is able to develop any idea, even without read or write, and is able to use his hands and his intellect, and this feature allows you to the human being an agent of change undeniably empowered to change their circumstances. Homonatropicamente speaking, the contract of employment should not be (personal intuition about the worker) but should be extended to the family, without entering its principles, it is protect all family members (father, mother and minor children 18), for example: if a parent takes a job in any organization, it must be placed in a job, if possible, within the social services it provides to the community and support children in their studies and integrate them into work which she performs with the community and nature. .

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