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Creative Assessment

In this work deals with the idea that if we comply fully with the functions delegated to the educational agencies in the training of students, and of which we are largely responsible, it is necessary among other things, amend the traditional assessment practices, establishing in its place, most effective ways that transcend the old idea of accreditation. To achieve this, first we must be aware of the difference between accreditation and assessment, according to Diaz Barriga (1998:74), the first of these has to do with a verification process on the degree to which it met the criteria stipulated in the curriculum, from which it believes reflect the level of information acquired by the students, and which we would add, are translated into quantitative terms by a grade. While the assessment in its broadest sense is defined as an activity that allows value judgments about the teaching process and results in quantitative and qualitative (Bellido and Gonzalez, 2009).

Currently, there are several functions that have been granted to the assessment of learning, Gimeno (1992) states the following: 1) Definition of educational and social meanings as educational achievement, school success and failure, good and bad student, teaching quality, school progress, good and bad teacher, good and bad school. 2) Social: accreditation and certification of students 3) School organization: determines access to different grade levels 4) Control: a means to exercise authority 5) psychological projection: the concept car models and influences areas such as attitude towards study, generalized anxiety, aggravation of the conflicts, pathological features, management of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation 6) Support research on the quality of teaching, kindness in educational methods, analysis of success and failure school curriculum validity of 7) Educational: Creator of the school environment, diagnosis, identification, reinforcement learning, guidance, weighting of curriculum and professional socialization.

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