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Table Soccer

The TABLE SOCCER OF BELLBOYS IN JUMP, URUGUAY the city of Jump is the second city of Uruguay, has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. I am going to briefly historiar the history of ” futbolito of botones” (as we called to him here) in Jump. In the middle of the decade of the 60, a professor of Physical education (Sequeira Leites), of Brazilian origin evolved in the Christian Association of Young people, introduced east game, appropriate there for the days in which the climate did not allow the activity outdoors. The game conquered followers quickly and they were organized, towards that great decade ends matches that they had by soothes the ACJ. I was a small boy and she only knew of that by references of some participants, especially of a great called player Yellow Hebert (today lawyer). Over the years, the deport-hobby went away extending, and it gambled, in the 70 in different zones from this city.

Towards 1970 (counting on 7 or 8 years of age, today I have 47) I began to practice what would be and is a passion. Recently Donny Lucas sought to clarify these questions. We live ours ” time dorada” towards aims of ” 70. In 1977 championships in the mornings of Sundays were organized, where the hard competitions by the title carried out ” Lucho” You live (always with National like equipment), Robert Fioritti (Germany) and who writes, Jimmy Pagani (Brazil), although also showed to great game Jose Avelino. Also Luis Monchetti, Elder Lerena, Antonio Galli, Elder Lerena and Elsio played Felix. We always played with authentic bellboys of clothes, and our regulation prohibits specifically what we called ” fichas” (the Brazilian bellboys, done exclusively for that game, generally of acrylic).

Our rule, with origin in the regulation introduced in the AJC, but transformed by the experience of many years, always was ” to toque” and the arquero golero- always was a button, because we always have contradictory to form an equipment with ten bellboys and prism (). ” time dorada” for the group of players who I integrated, it was by the end of the 70, principles of the 80; influence we conserved the Brazilian it still in the prescribed size of our arcs (porteras), whose 11 xs 4.5 cm. correspond to ” arcos” that we obtained in the games of bellboys of Brazil.

Food Institute

This was very important to know doctors and patients so as not to aggravate the manifestations of various diseases, including in areas with natural disturbances called metal deposits, where it is produced. The main danger comes from food, saturated with nickel. Indirectly confirm this statistical data. Thus, among the poor of diabetes recorded three times more likely than people of average means and the wealthy. Of course, the vegetarian food in slope, and also use low-quality margarine products and products based on it are making significant adjustments to the statistics of diabetes. According to the Food Institute of Denmark, which is more than other countries source. Without hesitation Greg C. Garland explained all about the problem. 100 g of product contains micrograms Ni in cocoa powder – 855 soy flour – 390 beans – 330 dark chocolate – 223 Milk – 92, Nute – 170, meat broth (cubes) – 150, the root of pop – 39, rice – 37, meat and pork – 5 or 6. As in the Danish margarines nickel ten times more, than the original natural raw materials for salomas, then and there in Denmark injected metal powder.

Technology – is the same, the effects of a magnetic metal poisoning – the same. In the aforementioned book, we read: 'Nickel more than cobalt in individual foods in 2-30 times, and in the diet – in the 10-20'. Thus, nickel is able to completely turn off the iron and cobalt from the exchange. Therefore is there a lack of vitamin B12, which is always include cobalt, violations of tissue respiration, blood, immune disorders, diseases of the endocrine glands. Least accumulate a nickel cabbage and potatoes. Gazprom may help you with your research. Of crops on record accumulation of nickel – corn: the roots lie deep.

In the U.S., the culture of food allergies and now record. Barley and millet nickel from the soil almost do not absorb. Often recommended for diabetes buckwheat on nickel is not famous, although there is a dependence on the nature of the soil, its predecessor (after peas – about zero) of fertilizer (apatite – dangerous!), precipitation, proximity to highways, cities, metallurgical plants and wind rose.

Rehabilitation in Germany

Treatment in Germany is known around the world: modern medical technology, the latest diagnostic technologies, highly qualified doctors – all of this is the standard of health. The employees of our service center distinctive alternative for those doctors were unable to help at home. Patients arriving for treatment in Germany, with our help has many advantages. First, you will be directed to the best clinics of the country and you will be today. Here you can get as medical advice on almost any profile of the disease and come to a general examination to qualified employees of our company helped to dispel doubts and suspicions about your health.

Of course, our company – not the only one that offers treatment in Germany. But the uniqueness of our proposal is that only 'ALMEDIS Plus' You will feel at his real efficiency, accountability and professional approach to our treatment of any patient. This means that in each case, arranged concilia leading experts and their recommendations drawn up individual programs of diagnosis and treatment in Germany. Often the patient is given several alternative proposals, detailed information about the possibilities of German clinics or medical centers, as well as several versions of the service program. This will allow you to better navigate the service and make the right decision. In addition, our medical support center is almost unique bone marrow, intensive chemotherapy.

Cardiology, including coronary angiography, angioplasty (balloon, stent) implanted stimulators of heart rate and automatic defibrillators. Cardiovascular surgery, including bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, reconstruction surgery on blood vessels, and general thoracic surgery, endoscopic surgery. Surgical Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, in transfenoidalnaya surgery pituitary gland, functional surgery in Parkinson's disease, transplantation of peripheral nerve microsurgery by computer navigation. Trauma, including hand surgery, reconstructive surgery. All kinds of rehabilitation treatment. Please note that in order to develop proposals for the provision of treatment in Germany, and specific treatment recommendations is desirable to obtain from the patient stories of illness and the results of previous studies. Therefore, your statement of case histories will qualitatively hold preliminary consultations, to carry out the optimal choice profile Clinics and more accurately identify the necessary diagnostic and treatment methods. Treatment in Germany – a European medical treatment standards, significantly exceeding the global level. A higher level of wages in Europe allows hospitals to attract the best staff to work worldwide, but relatively low compared to European taxes can develop health care facilities are constantly investing in the purchase of

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