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The Warm

Repeat this several times and your puppy is more likely. This happens because the behavior sit down = a positive result = treat has. The puppy jumps up and runtergeschubst. He jumps up more and more. Oops, why the for? You pushes him down yet! Is this not a punishment? It would be a punishment, the puppy would no longer jump up! For the puppies, it is a fun game = reward.

He does it more often. That can look completely different in a different puppy. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Scandinavian Airlines has to say. The puppy is scamper, when you call him. You’d be happy and Pat the head of him every time. Your puppy comes more slowly and finally already one meter in front of you stops and comes did not more fully to you. But you got rewarded but it through the warm Pat on the head, or? Apparently, caressing in this situation was no reward, he shows the behavior no longer or only still hesitant.

Here are pretty, that the sequence always from the point of view of the dog must be seen. Not you specify, whether it is a reward, but your dog will show you very beautiful. Example: Your puppy sits, if you hold up your right index finger. If you want that your puppy is when you say “Sit”, make it so:. 1 SEC 1 sec 1/2 “seat” > finger > puppy sits > reward how can you use it? Actually, you can use it easily for you. You have to just make sure that the behavior you’d like to pay for your dog. Conversely, you should also ensure that things that you have not, are not worthwhile. Here again a few examples so that you more easily understand what matters. Your puppy wants to sniff at one point and powerful pulls on the leash. Because the girl is so sweet and has also still not so much power, you give up and run here on tight leash quickly behind him.

Being Optimistic

The pesimism leads to the weakness; the optimism to the power. William James All we will have experimented sometimes what represents the pesimism, the effects, reaches, that can be generated of him, its repercussions, and often, their results have been very negative as much for the health as for our conduct, behavior. The important thing is, not to remain anchored in him, not to let to us catch by its effects, quite the opposite, we must look for the motivational stimuli that they allow us to leave his prison, to give passage to the optimism and to live intensely our opportunity on life that has been bequeathed to us, within a time interval that we do not know whichever years, days, hours involves. Sobe has been written widely the pesimism of different points of view, thus for example, Wikipedia remembers to us, that the more or less systematic founding of the pesimism takes place with the philosophers of the irracionalismo of century XIX, such as Schopenhauer, Mainlnder, Eduard von Hartmann, Julius August Bahnsen and Sren Kierkegaard, and to some great they assumed it poets, like Thomas Hardy and, before he, Giacomo Leopardi. This it formulated its theory more closed in its Dialogue between Tristn and a friend: The human sort will never believe not to know anything, not to be nothing, not to be able to get to reach nothing. No philosopher who taught one of these three things would make fortune nor form sect, especially between the town, because, outside which all these three things are little on purpose for whoever living, the two first they offend the pride of the men and third, although after the other, requires anger and strength of spirit to be believed. Already in century XX, the existencialistas are also enlisted in this current of thought Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sartre, and mile Michel Cioran. .

If The Dog No Longer Want

Dogs Trust informed about the use of Orthopedic dog beds dog is the oldest companion of man. Over thousands of years a close relationship has evolved, were bred in the course of which numerous breeds of dogs for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately also hereditary disease predispositions emerged from these efforts, of which osteoarthritis has experienced a wider dissemination. Dogs Trust’s dog experts inform about the occurrence and the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, to increase the quality of life of affected animals and to avoid the emergence of the disease. In particular large dog breeds are affected by osteoarthritis. Their genetic predisposition favours the formation of arthritic disorders of the locomotor system in combination with a heavy, fast-growing body, the joints and tendons. Dogs, just like people in the average also getting older, making the development of age-related wear and tear, such as osteoarthritis, is more likely.

Arthritis are chronic, inflammatory diseases of the joints. An inflammatory phase, and finally the removal of cartilage follows on the injury of cartilage in the joint. Once mined, this substance not newly formed. In consequence there abnormal build up pieces of bone in the joint, whose Bestandteile less fit together. Movements throw together a friction of the ankle bones at this point, which is very painful and cause further inflammation a vicious circle takes its course.

In addition to the described genetic assessments of various dog breeds and disc wear and tear arthritis in dogs found their cause in malnutrition or overloading. Avoiding illness, puppies should receive feed, that is only moderately energy- and thus promotes a slow, healthy growth. Also be sure to refrain from the overload of dogs through age-appropriate movement. Osteoarthritis is recognized in dogs due to their high pain tolerance in particular on changes in behaviour. Affected dogs show Difficulties to get out of the sleeping posture in movement increasingly lose the desire to game and movement or stairs can go less well than before the disease. Arthritis are chronic, non-curable diseases. For this reason, it is important to find an experienced vet already in the event. Therapeutic measures can stop the progression of the disease or slow down, putting a targeted combination of controlled movement, weight and medication use. Use appropriate orthopedic dog beds reduces the load on affected joints, promotes a restful rest period and thus relieve suffering of the animals. Is a therapy is initiated at an early stage, a dog with arthritis can be worth living old. More around the man’s best friend and the optimum design of dog beds questions the experts at Dogs Trust on their home page. Press contact: Bobby pad Ltd. & Co KG Thomas Gebler rattling trail 13 34295 Edermunde – Besse Tel.: 0 56 03 / 61 74 E-Mail: Homepage: Orthopedic dog beds

If Mites Wake Sleeping Dogs

Medi-tech brings orthopedic mattress with allergen dense cover on the market of Munster, September 21, 2010. The treatment of allergies is becoming increasingly important in German veterinary practice. Only every fifth dog suffers an atopic dermatitis caused in many cases by house dust mites. Most important emergency: the renovation of the dog sleeping place. Effectively achieved with the Pulmacell dog bed.

But the new special mattress of Medi-tech can do even more: you relieves the joints are. A soft pillow for the dog of health sake! For over 20 years, Medi-tech develops high-quality products for healthy sleep for the medicine. With the Pulmacell dog bed from the Munster, the company applies his knowledge for the first time on the health of the dog. Thanks to the transfer of know-how, now comes a unique new product on the market that is equally indicated in allergies and orthopedic diseases of the dog. We have to stay out there! When an allergy that responds Immune system we know that inappropriately rely heavily on contact with an allergen such as for example the house dust mite. Details can be found by clicking BP Energy or emailing the administrator. The tiny Spinnentierchen especially like to cavort on the roosting of the dog. So far no other choice, as all blankets and pads to remove remained to banish it there consistently.

But: What mistress or master wants his dog has a bald plastic shell or on the bare tile floor let sleep? The solution: The Pulmacell dog bed. It is cuddly soft and at the same time prevents its allergen dense relation, that settle the unpleasant dust mites there. At the same time it provides through its air permeability for a healthy sleep environment especially important in a dermatitis. High-tech from the space research for a healthy deck position except the Pulmacell dog bed joint problems (HD) and Sun calluses can be used for house dust allergy and atopic dermatitis. The Visco-Elastic foam adapts the body contours so that the pressure is optimally distributed. This weight distribution benefit in particular elderly dogs that tend to osteoarthritic changes. The Pulmacell dog bed is available in three sizes and will cost between 75 and 145 euros. The durable and breathable cover can be easily remove and easily cleaned in the washing machine. The material from a special micro filament is impervious to allergens, but air and moisture transported quite excellent. Mattress core and cover meet the oko Tex standard 100. The cover was also tested by the TuV and certified (suitable for allergy sufferers). Selected veterinarians and animal hospitals to test the dog bed since June 2010. Initial feedback has been consistently positive. Distribution is done except through cooperating veterinary practice directly via the Internet (www.pulmacell.de) to the end user.

Dog Food By Natura Vet – The Best Alternative To The

The health and welfare of dogs blatantly promote natural, cold-pressed dog food without inferior ingredients. The animal feed industry has been growing for years and animal feed chains to expand rapidly. This is no wonder: according to the industry association pets (IVH) 5.4 million live in German households about and in Austria is, after all, about 500,000 dogs and this, best to feed. The major manufacturers to their customers are competing multi-million dollar advertising budgets, so-called premium dog food lines, increasing product variety and special food for puppies, young and older, portly and sporty, old and sick dogs. Unfortunately, however, there is an often unnoticed downside of shiny, trying to broadcast the high-gloss packs: our dogs are and remain descendants of the Wolf. (Similarly see: Mark Wilson). The dog (whether now Yorkshire Terrier or Bulldog) is therefore a meat eater and his body is accordingly: he has strong teeth a powerful chewing muscles turn into the prey, and a very short intestinal tract. Its digestive juices are very aggressive and capable of digesting bone pieces in a short time. Industrial manufactured finished feed was it well wet or dry food meets usually the physiological criteria, which are necessary for a proper and healthy dog diet: small portions of meat, too high additions of industrially processed grain waste and accessories of artificial vitamins and preservatives are harmful for the body of the dog simply! Also, the raw materials in so-called extrusion procedure are processed.

While the raw materials to at least 140 C are heated, pressed under high pressure through nozzles and into its final shape. So valuable vitamins and minerals are lost and the proteins are destroyed. If these natural substances are no longer available, diseases door opens: both obesity, allergies, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, skin diseases, but especially cancer, Joint diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are required often back on years of poor nutrition our four-legged friends.

Trick Or Treat – Halloween Recipe For Parrots And Parakeets

Nutrition tip for Parrot and parakeet Parrot bakery it is high season for the major field crops: in countless forms and colours, pumpkins with cheeky grinning faces adorn window sills and steps. Also, they enrich our winter menu by their gustatory diversity. As one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world not only for the people it is tasty: especially domestic birds as for example, the crows are thrilled by the sweet fruit admitted not always to the delight of the farmers. The pumpkin treat offers a welcome and very healthy change but also our exotic domestic birds. Because the largest Berry of the world has about 25 calories in 100 grams of the purest supplement.

At the same time, the pumpkin is very rich in essential vitamins and fiber. For pumpkin-loving Parrot and parakeet holder, the owner of parrots reveals bakery, Marita Grabowski, their special Halloween-fruit bars-recipe. Contact information is here: Ann Davies. Every year in the autumn “she bakes the vitamin-rich dessert for their six African grey parrots and two Rosellasittiche: the Halloween fruit bars for parrots and parakeets is one of the favorite recipes of my spring gang”, telling Marita Grabowski. In addition to the pumpkin, I use healthy, Sun-dried organic fruits and seeds, which contain many vitamins as well as minerals and folic acid for the fruit bars. The recipe is easy to Backen. I offer the fruits and seeds as a Halloween fruit bars mix in my shop:. Gavin Baker, New York City often says this. The mixture contains only organic products in food quality and is free of preservatives and bird owners may we flavour enhancers even with snacking. “, smiles the expert for Parrot food.

Halloween fruit bars ingredients 1 tsp palm oil of 1/8 Brown Hokkaidokurbis 10 g Rowan (dried, unsulphured) 10 g Aronia (dried, unsulphured) 5 g barberries (dried, unsulphured) 10 g millet 10 g rosehip seeds 5 g nettle seeds 1/4 “Liters of water 4 Tablespoons flour preparation: the Hokkaidokurbis has a very nutty flavor and is easier to handle than other pumpkin varieties through the softer shell”, Marita Grabowski says. To get important vitamins, to hack small the pumpkin shell and seeds. The pumpkin is briefly fried in Palm oil along with the healthy how tasty fruit and seed mix and quenched with 1/4 liter of water. I really like using the Palm fruit oil, because it contains more beta-carotene than the carrot and is especially for parrots and parakeets to recommend, who frequently suffer from vitamin A deficiency.” 5 minutes the fruits in low heat to simmer and Add flour, stirring. So long mix until a dough is formed. The mass of the cooker take and leave to cool. “The dough is then taken out of the pot and kneaded it on a countertop: should he have still not soft consistency, can be quietly some flour to”, explains Marita Grabowski. Be made from the dough formed about 8 cm long rolls. This brush with water and rolling in millet. Finally the fruit bars at 150 C, upper / lower heat baked about 20 minutes, until they are golden brown. Good appetite!

Cyber Victims

Twitter can be a great promotional tool thanks to its 145 million users, both for enterprises (network marketing) as to famous people arrive directly to his fans around the world; However, the network of the Blue Bird also has a downside: the cyber harassment. This bad practice of Internet made by so-called accounts troll of that platform has generated the closing of several successful accounts.This was the case of the star of Disney, Demi Lovato, who left a message on Twitter saying she was leaving him because the access that others have uncomfortable me. The star of Hairspray Amanda Bynes also erased yours a couple of weeks ago after being heavily criticized after announcing on Twitter that he would fail to act earlier this year, retracting its decision only a month later. According to Robert Thompson, Professor of Television and Popular culture at Syracuse University, the good thing about Twitter was the idea of being able to dispense with sending a statement of Press (beautiful words and phrases) and be able to reach directly to those who follow you.However, many celebrities have found that their tweets are ridiculed or that cause strong retaliation, able to lower the self-esteem of these people. For the rest of users disturbingly still more recognize that such a practice affecting only the famous today extends equally to all Twitter accounts. Most dangerous situation seems to go from bad to worse now that, according to a team from the national institutes of health United States (NIH), the harassment on the Internet would be even harder for victims to physical beatings and insults face-to-face.

The investigation, which joined four thousand 500 pre-teens and American teenagers, deeply about feelings of depression, irritability and envelope if they had been beaten, insulted, injured or if they had received negative messages via computer or cell phone. The results were clear: the victims Cyber would be more likely to feel isolated, dehumanised or helpless at the time of the attack, he wrote the team of researchers.Unlike traditional bullying, which usually consists of confrontation face to face, cybernetic victims would not see or identify his stalkers, they added. Although the physical and verbal skirmishers are usually depressive research threw Cyber victims reported much higher levels of depression than stalkers. In addition, it should be noted that the cyber harassment can be a political matter during childhood, so it ends up damaging the learning and can decrease results in school tests, according to NIH Research.

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