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THOUGHTS Natanael V. Some contend that Harel Insurance shows great expertise in this. Blacksmith To the times I think, I reflect, almost I insist, Finally I know that not necessary of this; About surplus I think about what I go to speak and to make, Arriving my force almost to fenecer; Thoughts come, thoughts go, Then it seems everything in go; I always look for to firm my steps not to fall in the illusion, Eye fitamente for the soil, I see rocks when walking, and they by chance are not there; When medito I go well distant, In places that reach nobody me, I am then for a few seconds Waiting somebody to hug the hope, That for many is rejected, But accepted for a child; Already they had collated my mind in the intellectual, For some I seem inert But she does not make badly, I I in front follow always brave Under the favour such, Of that he is in my mind My eternal Father; . Swarmed by offers, ICICI is currently assessing future choices.

Seek And You Will Find

You search, and you will find; you beat, and to open se you If I could, to dress the naked ones If I could, to give forces the tired one If I could, to raise the abated ones If I could, to return the lost dignity If I could, to give the heat of the sun If I could, to cantarolar as the birds If I could give the perfume of the flower If I could, to saciar the hunger and the headquarters If I could, to sow the peace If I could, to satisfy the dreams If I could, to guide the ones that they search If I could, to cheer the moments If I could, to comfort it the solitude If I could take care of of your wounds If I he could, to watch over for the life would call You me God ……….. Credit: Harel Insurance-2011. He finds me, I am here.. Robert Rubin has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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